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December 11, 2004


Most of the public in Israel seems to be going along with the "big lie" that Yasser Arafat crafted over the past fifty years. I do not know how many times I, and journalists like Khaled Abu Toameh, must repeat; there is no window of opportunity or avenue of hope now that the evil king is dead. Everyone seems to be walking around in a state of delusional euphoria. We are so tired of the same old stories coming out of the terrorists' camp that we want to believe Arafat's death is going to make the difference.

However, until there is a new era of political change with new faces, things are going to remain the same. Why are they thinking that the old faces are going to make the new changes? Now, nobody seems to be telling these Arabs and Islamic fundamentalists that their savage, barbaric behavior is not acceptable. Their leaders should not be legitimized by being invited to diplomatic conferences or promised anything, much less an independent state.

In the same vein, the Arab countries shouldn't even be allowed into the United Nations unless they allow their own citizens democracy and the right to vote; those living in Gaza shouldn't be encouraged to do more violence by legitimizing these irresponsible Arab leaders. Lord, even Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti is running for president of the Palestinian Authority from inside an Israeli jail, where he is serving five consecutive life sentences for killing Israeli civilians in his many terrorist acts.

As a journalist, I know how easy it is to write 'double-talk' The Palestinians are masters of doing it. While they are saying, "We will follow in Arafat's footsteps," they talk to the press about "new beginnings." So, while they are spouting hate-filled speeches to their population, the so-called leaders of Israel, the foreign press and our State Department are repeating the same Oslo mistakes. Mistakes that can only result in a demand for Israel to commit suicide for peace.....

Before running off into the sunset believing there is "new hope", the leaders of Israel ought to be remembering that Arafat is still alive. The old guard is still running things. They may not be afraid to speak out as they were when Arafat was living, but in the end, it is the same old, tired ruling party that is calling the shots. They are using new code words however. Their president may be dead; however, the "presidency still lives." And, therefore, the same old guard stays in power. They must have a regime change, not the same people in new positions, or, as Khalad Abu Toameh called them, "old wine in new bottles."

The same old show continues as the 'security forces' are being run by militias and being controlled by "warlords". Has it ever occurred to anyone that a partial solution might be to really mean democracy when the word is used?

If Israel is serious about the hope for the future now that Arafat is dead, then it is time to insist, and not give vague demands, that democracy is really going to be implemented before more money is sent. Except the word "democracy" is so alien to their way of life, culture and thinking that it isn't about to happen. In fact, somebody ought to start questioning where the billions are hidden and start using them to pay the electric and water bills. Better yet, Israel should cut off the water and turn the lights off.......

I find it ironic that there is no talk among the Arabs of peaceful coexistence, cooperation, tolerance, acceptance and negotiated compromise. They are looking upon Israel as fools that can be manipulated. The Arabs accept the removal of Israelis from Gaza as something they have achieved by killing Jews. To their twisted minds, they figure that they were able to kill Israelis in Lebanon and they were forced to leave. Now, they have killed over a thousand Jews since the intifada, so they are leaving Gaza. Next, maybe if they kill two thousand, they will give up and leave the West Bank. Finally, who knows? Maybe if they are able to kill ten thousand, they'll end up with Israel. Wow! What a prize.

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December 10, 2004

The big Jew-persecutors of the 20th century were socialists

Von Mises in 1940 knew that Fascists and Communists were all socialists: "Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini constantly proclaim that they are chosen by destiny to bring salvation to this world. They claim they are the leaders of the creative youth who fight against their outlived elders. They bring from the East the new culture which is to replace the dying Western civilization. They want to give the coup de grace to liberalism and capitalism; they want to overcome immoral egoism by altruism; they plan to replace the anarchic democracy by order and organization, the society of "classes" by the total state, the market economy by socialism."

December 09, 2004


No one can deny that Yasir Arafat had a dynamic talent for inspiring admiration and emulation. His gang`s massacres of children on a schoolbus from Moshav Avivim and at a school in Ma`alot — achievements the killer of JonBenet Ramsey could never hope to match — paved the way for similar atrocities committed at a school in Beslan, Russia.

Arafat`s attention-grabbing series of airplane hijackings set the standard for the new generation of terrorists who took his invention and improved upon it on September 11, 2001.

In death, he continues to inspire, and is already sorely missed by "progressives" and neo-Nazis who share one thing in common — enthusiastic support for the slaughter of unarmed Jewish men, women, and children — and who sound eerily alike in their online remarks praising the PLO chief and cursing the Jews.

After years of monitoring the hate speech disseminated by conservative radio and Internet (one of my reports is cited in David Brock`s recently released The Republican Noise Machine), I am forced to conclude that the "politically correct" vitriol of the Israel-hating activist Left makes the venomous rhetoric of right-wing ideologues seem mild by comparison.

Am I exaggerating? Let`s look at the comments on Arafat`s death and the Mideast crisis on two neo-Nazi websites —, run by Nazi/Klansman David Duke, and, a disturbingly successful hate site currently under investigation in connection with the desecration of a Jewish museum, cemetery, and synagogue — and two of the most heavily trafficked left-wing websites —, dedicated to "the exchange and dissemination of liberal and progressive ideas," and, described in a laudatory Nation magazine article as "a website with 25,000-plus registered members, founded after the 2000 election as a gathering place for liberals, progressives and leftists who felt the newly elected president reminded them most of, well, a smirking chimp."

(At Democratic Underground, members appear to be evenly split for and against Jew-killing; at Smirking Chimp — where criticism of recent kidnappings and beheadings will get you banned, but writing that the victims "got what they deserved" will keep you a member in good standing — the support for Arafat`s terrorism was overwhelming.)

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December 08, 2004


Can a group number as many as 70 million individuals fly under the radar? Outside of the context of politics, Christian evangelicals are virtually invisible in American culture, except to be laughed at or feared. Just as the image of the Jew can be a dangerously misleading generalization, the same is true for the image of the evangelical. Listen to many Jews talk about conservative Christians and you'd think they're discussing the Taliban.

This disconnect between image and reality is of no small importance in the aftermath of a presidential election in which evangelicals and "moral values" voters are said to have provided the margin of victory for President Bush. As much as many Jews like to think of themselves as open-minded (i.e., liberal), there is more to the divide between Jews and evangelicals than disagreements about church-state separation or abortion.

Some of the same people who are most fearful of the Christian right are also quick to dismiss the support that many of them demonstrate for Israel. They tend to put it down to millenarian beliefs based in a fundamentalist worldview that values Jews only to the extent that they help bring on an end-of-days Messianic return of Jesus. All of which should prompt us — no matter where are votes went earlier this month — to ask: Who really are these evangelical moralists?

In searching for the answer to that question, one group whose contributors are almost all evangelicals ought to give pause to those most convinced of the Christian right's perfidy. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews ( has been around for two decades, operating on the margins of the Jewish world but deeply embedded in the hearts of evangelicals. Founded by Chicago-based Yechiel Eckstein, an Orthodox rabbi, and intended to be a partnership between Jews and non-Jews, some 98 percent to 99 percent of its money now comes from the Christian right. Where does the money go? To the same sort of programs that dollars raised by local Jewish federations across the country: to aid in the immigration and absorption of Jews to Israel, and to help care for needy Jews and endangered Jewish communities in places like the former Soviet Union, much of it via the Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. According to George Mamo, a Philadelphia-born evangelical who serves as chief operating officer of the group, the fellowship raises around $45 million per year for these purposes, most of it coming in small gifts from more than 350,000 American Christians.

Most of the money comes in as a result of infomercials on Christian TV stations, but it winds up funding projects such as the $500,00 the group recently gave to provide security for Turkish synagogues previously targeted by Islamic terrorists. Mamo says the group's database shows that most of those who give to the fellowship are "giving sacrificially." Some, he told me, even tithe to this cause out of their Social Security checks.

Do they do it because they think this will bring on Armageddon? Surveys conducted by the group reveal that this is the belief of only a tiny percentage. Instead, says Mamo, most of it is based on a reading of scripture that the Lord will bless those "who bless the seed of Abraham." Eckstein has written that these Bible-based beliefs blend in a love for the Jewish people with a need for contrition for millennia of Christian persecution of Jews, as well as a sense of Israel as a fellow democracy. All of this is in direct contrast with the drift toward anti-Zionism among liberal Protestant sects of late. Mamo answers those who view evangelical Zionism with distaste by responding that "most of us recognize that without Judaism, there would be no Christianity." Nor do most of them anticipate any mass conversion, as Jewish critics contend. "We believe G-d is sovereign," says Mamo. "There is no magic number of Jews [who make aliyah] that will bring about a transformation of the world. Nobody believes that." He tells stories of various small contributors who may not know any Jews in their own communities, but who believe Jews "are the apple of G-d's eye" — and are thus owed support.....

We ought to be touched by the story of what this group has accomplished, as well as moved by the willingness of so many of its contributors to give to Jewish causes. Disagree all you want with the evangelicals, but give them their due. They have earned our respect. As Yechiel Eckstein and George Mamo have proved, they have given as much to us.


December 07, 2004


I, Yassir Arafat, leader of the Palestinian people, being of corrupted mind and runty filthy little body do bequeath the following:

To my wife Suha I leave all the jewelry, purchased with United Nations relief funds, stashed in safe deposit boxes throughout The Grand Caymans, The Channel Islands and the First Syrian Bank of Damascus.

To the Mullahs' in Iran I leave the anthrax, nail-filled vests and detonators stashed away in the basement of my estate on the West Bank.

I want the $880 million in cash hidden away is Swiss bank accounts to be divided equally between Suha and the United Nations Security Council. Both bent over and let me have my way with them though, each, in their own special way. My beloved Suha put up more of a struggle then Kofi, but he has had much more experience in "bending over" for murderous thugs. It was Suha's first time "back there".

To my beloved Palestinian people who I love and have fought for, I leave a large roll of 3-mil contractor's trash bags so you can sweep up some of the refuse and trash you left in front of my mansion.

Suha may retain the luxury flat in Paris.

The Palestinian people who I love and fought for can have what ever the Israelis didn't destroy when they bombed my garage. I think there are some old fatigues and a Coleman stove that needs a new propane tank.

Suha may keep the fleet of Mercedes that she has accumulated over the past 4 years.

My beloved Palestinian people who I love and have fought for can have my sincerest best wishes for a prosperous future.

Suha may keep the Van Cleef and Arpels Diamond and Platinum necklace I bought her for our anniversary.

The Palestinian people who I love and fought for can have whatever paper towels and plastic forks are left in the pantry of my mansion in the West Bank.

To the young boys who I slept with while Suha was living in Paris, please give them my collection of Michael Jackson tapes and CDs.

To the Palestinian people who I loved and fought for, I leave them with my last wish, to continue to live in filth and die for no damn good reason, to sacrifice their children and kill as many Israeli infants as possible so that you might advance your cause. But keep your hands off Suha's Mercedes and jewelry you filthy ignorant swine.

To the crews of the Israeli helicopters that circled my compound... nice shooting fellas. That last rocket attack took out my 60-inch plasma flat screen.

To Suha I leave my French impressionist collection currently hanging on the walls of her apartment in Paris.

And, to my beloved Palestinian people who I loved and fought for, I leave you the list of Israeli Day Care centers so you will know where to explode yourselves without having to do a great deal of research. And please, do something about the open trench latrines in your neighborhood. I don't bathe often and you were starting to gross ME out.

We will all eat lamb in paradise, your beloved, faithful and devoted leader, the wealthy, and quite dead,

Yassir Arafat

P.S. Where are the promised virgins ???????????

December 06, 2004


The American "Progressives" were the first Fascists of the 20th century

"Fascism" is a term that was originally coined by the Italian dictator Mussolini to describe his adaptation of Marxism to the conditions of Italy after World War I. Lenin in Russia made somewhat different adaptations of Marxism to the conditions in Russia during the same period and his adaptations came to be called Marxism/Leninism. Mussolini stayed closer to Marx in that he felt that Italy had to go through a capitalist stage before it could reach socialism whereas Lenin attempted to push Russia straight from feudalism into socialism. Mussolini's principal modification of Marxism was his rejection of the notion of class war, something that put him decisively at odds with Lenin's "Reds".

If the term "Fascism" means anything of itself it means "Groupism" -- as the fasci of Italy at the time were simply groups of political activists. The fasces of ancient Roman times were of course the bundles of rods carried by the lictors to symbolize the great strength of the organized Roman people. The idea again was that people were stronger in groups than as individuals.

Mussolini's ideas and system were very influential and he had many imitators -- not the least of which was Adolf Hitler -- and some even survived World War II -- such as Peron and Chiang Kai Shek. I have set out at length elsewhere what Mussolini's Italian Fascism was all about so I will simply summarize here by saying that Fascism was a nationalist form of extreme socialism whereas Trotskyism was/is a internationalist form of extreme socialism and Leninism was somewhere in between.

So was Mussolini a totally original thinker? Not at all. Students of ancient history see Sparta as the first Fascist State and students of Marx identify Fascism with Bonapartism -- the type of regime devised by Napoleon Bonaparte and revived by his nephew Napoleon III. But Mussolini was quite intellectual and his thinking was in fact much more up-to-date than that would suggest. He was certainly influenced by Marx and the ancient world but he had a whole range of ideas that extended beyond that. And where did he turn for up-to-date ideas? To America, of course! And the American ideas that influenced him were in fact hard to miss. They were the ideas of the American "Progressives". And who was the best known Progressive in the world at that time? None other than the President of the United States -- Woodrow Wilson -- the man who was most responsible for the postwar order in Europe. So Mussolini had to do little more than read his newspapers to hear at least some things about the ideas of the American Progressives.

And what those ideas were is pretty amazing. "Progressive" was the label favoured by the American Left of the day -- as it still is -- and yet they believed in such things as war being a purifying force, the subjugation of democracy to elite leadership, book-burning, stiff-arm salutes, loyalty oaths, flag ceremonies, the inferiority of blacks and Jews and, of course eugenics. And who said this: "Conformity will be the only virtue and any man who refuses to conform will have to pay the penalty." It could easily have been Mussolini or Hitler but it was in fact Woodrow Wilson.

So 20th century Fascism was in fact an American invention, or more precisely an invention of the American Left. Like many American ideas to this day, however, it proved immensely popular in Europe and it was only in Europe that it was put fully into practice. As it does today, American conservatism kept the American Left in some check in the first half of the 20th century so it was only in Europe that their ideas could come into full bloom. For documentation of the many surprising statements I have just made, see an expanded version of this post here (extra copies here and here) and for deep background on the Progressives see this essay on Croly, one of the leading lights of Progressivism. Note the agony caused to Croly by the need to keep within democracy.

December 05, 2004

Kilroy-Silk Attacked By Islamist

Britain's Robert Kilroy-Silk, former talk-show host and political gadfly, was attacked by a bystander who threw a bucket of animal waste on the Euro Parliament representative for the United Kingdom Independent Party. The attacker said "This is in the name of Islam" while throwing the waste. Kilroy-Silk was sacked from his long-time job as a BBC talk show host for making "insensitive" comments about Arabs in an opinion piece published by the Telegraph. Kilroy-Silk is lucky he didn't end up being shot dead and nearly decapitated with a few Quran verses pinned to his chest with a knife.

(Post lifted from A Western Heart)

A European Awakening?

A few days ago, pop celebrities joined 2,000 people in a march through Marseilles denouncing violence against women, particularly in the immigrant-dominated housing estates. The protest against Islamic "obscurantism" and the "fundamentalism that imprisons women" was led by a group of Muslim women who call themselves Ni Putes ni Soumises (Neither Whores nor Submissive).

The movement, which emerged three years ago to defend Muslim women, is spawning similar groups across Europe, supported by a mainstream opinion that has recently abandoned political correctness and wants to halt the inroads of Islam. From Norway to Sicily, governments, politicians and the media are laying aside their doctrines of diversity and insisting that "Islamism", as the French call the fundamentalist form that pervades the housing estates, is incompatible with Europe's liberal values.

The shift is not just a reaction to exceptional violence such as the Madrid train bombings, or the murder of Theo van Gogh, the anti-Islamic Dutch film-maker, by a Dutch-Moroccan. It stems from a belief that more muscular methods are needed to integrate Europe's 13-million strong Muslim community and to combat creeds that breed extremists and ultimately, terrorism. With mixed results, governments are trying to quell the scourge by co- opting Muslim leaders to promote a moderate European Islam.

In Germany, with its three million - mainly Turkish - Muslims, and France, with its five million of mainly North African descent, television viewers were shocked when local young Muslims approved of Van Gogh's murder. "If you insult Islam, you have to pay," was a typical response. "The notion of multiculturalism has fallen apart," said Angela Merkel, leader of Germany's Christian Democrat opposition. "Anyone coming here must respect our constitution and tolerate our Western and Christian roots." Italy's traditional tolerance towards immigrants has been eroded by fear of Islamism. An Ipsos poll in September showed that 48 per cent of Italians believed that a "clash of civilisations" between Islam and the West was under way and that Islam was "a religion more fanatical than any other".

Similar views can be heard across traditionally tolerant Scandinavia - and no longer just from the populist rightwing party's such as Pia Kjaersgaard's People's Party in Denmark. The centre-right Government of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has equipped Denmark with Europe's toughest curbs on immigration, largely aimed at people from Muslim countries. In Sweden, where anti-Muslim feeling is running high and mosques have been burnt, schools have been authorised to ban pupils who wear full Islamic head-cover, although the measure comes nowhere near France's new ban on the hijab in all state schools.

In Spain, with a rapidly rising population of nearly a million Muslims, the backlash has been less visible despite the bombings, but thousands demonstrated in Seville this week against plans to build a mosque in the city centre. The Government has also won approval by sending 500 extra police to monitor preachers and Muslim associations.

Police across the EU are closely watching prayer meetings in makeshift mosques in cities and housing estates, and media accounts of the jihadist, anti-Western and anti-semitic doctrines of the imams are fuelling public anger. In Germany, pressure is growing for sermons to be preached in German rather than Turkish or Arabic. Hidden TV cameras recently broadcast an imam in a Berlin mosque telling worshippers that "Germans can only expect to rot in the fires of hell because they are nonbelievers".

The debate over the limits to free speech is loudest in France, which now acknowledges the failure of its "republican" approach to integration whereby immigrants were supposed to blend harmoniously into society and not exist in separate communities. Dominique de Villepin, the Interior Minister, is deporting foreign imams who support wife-beating and other uncivilised practices. This week the Government moved to ban a Lebanon-based television channel for anti-semitic broadcasting. The left wing, which long shunned criticism of Islam as the stock-in-trade of Jean-Marie le Pen, the far-Right leader, now denounces the "totalitarian", anti-feminist, antisemitic doctrines of the fundamentalists. Jacques Julliard, a leading left-wing commentator, said the Left's longstanding tolerance had been used as "an agent for the penetration of Islamic intolerance".

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