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November 08, 2004

Men at Work

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Ted Belman
and Joseph A Norland

A new site of interest is a new website, dedicated to exposing Swedish anti-Israel bias. Personally, I have given up on the old EUrabians; in my view, they will only change when the inevitable 9-11 comes to their countries. I still think, however, that it is important that from time to time we peak into the despicable EUrabian entities, just to see how loathsome they really are. In a word, I recommend the Simulev site.

November 07, 2004

What's wrong with you, Israel??

I have to admit, I understand Israel less with every passing day. For example, since the sickness of the Egyptian-born terrorist Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Husseini ("Yasser Arafat") became known, Israel has shown itself to stand on feet of clay, if not on feet of butter. At the outset, assurances were given that the said terrorist could return safely to his Ramallah sty; similarly, the headquarters of the said terrorist, where dozens of terrorists found refuge, were never raided.

Another Israeli feet-of-clay feat was reported today by JPost:

Enemy leaders can attend Arafat's funeral

Israel will allow foreign leaders, including those from enemy states, to attend the funeral of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat should it be held in the Gaza Strip, government officials said Sunday.

Israel is also prepared to allow West Bank and Gaza Palestinians who are not deemed dangerous access to the funeral, they said.

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom told reporters in Beijing, where he is on a four-day visit, that Israel "will do everything" to let foreign dignitaries attend Arafat's funeral if it is held in Gaza.
All this is sure to be interpreted by the Arabs as more Israeli weakness, with the inevitable consequences: empowering more Arab terrorism.

In the same context, we read in anther JPost article as follows:

Israel is putting together a package of humanitarian gestures for emerging new leaders in the Palestinian Authority, although these stop short of allowing Yasser Arafat to be buried in Jerusalem, government sources said Saturday.
At the time Abu Mazen became PM, Israel was coerced to making a major "gesture" that included prisoner release, easing of Arab travel, unfreezing of funds, etc. The Arab answer was to increase terrorism. Will the Israelis never learn from their experience?

Suggestion for Israel: Try to shop for a Patton or Sherman to replace Sharon.

In Yesha, plus ça change, plus ça reste la même chose

The JPost reports today, November 7, 2004:

- "Soldier killed, 2 wounded in operation near Tulkarm"
- "5 Palestinians killed in clashes"
- "Fugitives surrender at Nablus roadblocks"

A year ago today, on November 7, 2003, JPost reported:

- "A mortar shell was fired at Gush Katif settlements";
- "security forces are on the alert with 45 targeted notices on possible terror attacks";
- "soldiers spotted three people in a restricted area along the fence, where militants have repeatedly tried to infiltrate and attack Israeli targets. The three carried equipment the soldiers assumed was a bomb. Troops opened fire and hit one of the three" [the Arabs subsequently contended that Israeli troops killed a child...];
- "the army removed a roadblock west of Ramallah, allowing traffic to pass on the road";
- "IDF forces have captured Amjad Ubedi, the head of the Islamic Jihad in Jenin and responsible for the recent massacre at the Maksim restaurant near Haifa."

Two years ago today, on November 7, 2002, Arutz reported:

- IDF troops arrested twelve Arabs from Judea, Samaria and Gaza in an overnight counter-terrorism operation.

- Home of Terrorist Demolished in Shechem

- An IDF tractor has set off an explosive charge while doing road work near the greenhouses of Morag, a town located in the Gush Katif region of Gaza. The driver of the tractor was lightly wounded and was treated at the site of the explosion

- Israeli police detectives from the Hebron area last night arrested two Palestinian youths suspected of throwing stones at Israeli vehicles driving in the Bethlehem area.

- The IDF Military Prosecutor in Bet El has indicted a Samarian Arab for delivering weapons and ammunition to fellow terrorists by hiding it in a baby carriage.

- Three mortar shells landed in Gush Katif communities last night. No injuries or damage was reported

- Gunshots Fired at School in Gush Katif

- A bomb exploded near an IDF force in Gush Katif. Shots were also fired at an IDF force positioned on the Israeli-Egyptian border near the Arab populated city of Rafiah. Israeli troops returned fire. No injuries were reported.

- An indictment has been filed against a Ramallah Arab accused of funneling money from Iraq to Palestinian families who lost family members due to fighting the IDF or by perpetrating a suicide bombing.

- The head of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in the Samarian city of Tulkarem was arrested by an elite IDF unit.

- Israeli paramilitary police have arrested a suspected Arab terrorist near the Erez crossing in north Gaza.

- GSS and Police authorities have uncovered a large Tanzim infrastructure in the Hevron region.

The fence works, house-demolitions work

Arutz 7 e-mailed the following piece on Friday, 5 Nov 2004:


It has now been released for publication that two wanted Arab terrorists recently turned themselves in to IDF forces at a checkpoint near the city of Shechem, 30 miles north of Jerusalem. The two were brothers, one of whom - Fadi Al-Hirash - planned to carry out a suicide bombing.

Fadi had already filmed the video tape that was to be played after his suicide attack. He and his brother surrendered themselves, it was revealed, under pressure from family members, who feared that their homes would be destroyed by Israel in retaliation for the planned bombing.

In September, two Arab female students from the Shechem area turned themselves in at the same military Beit Iba checkpoint, hours after their handler, Hani Akhed, was killed by IDF soldiers. The 21-year-old women admitted to planning a suicide attack targeting Jews in Tel Aviv.

This morning, an 18-year-old Fatah terrorist, Maram Muslam, also turned himself in to IDF troops at a Shechem checkpoint, after learning he was being sought by security forces.
Little wonder then that the Arabs and their EUrabian lackeys oppose house demolition - demonstrably, it works!