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November 06, 2004

Boycott France

In a recent news release, the American Board of Rabbis has called upon the people to boycott France, a call I have echoed on IsraPundit many a time. The complete text of the press release, as documented on the site,, is reproduced below.

How effective are boycotts? Having called for several, my view as to why I boycott and advocate boycotts is as follows.

1. Boycotts are effective - see how we've been hurting the wine industry of The Islamic Republic of the Franks!

2. Boycotts are better than doing nothing, especially when accompanied by letters to the French embassy [indeed, I will be sending a copy of this post to the French embassy in Ottawa]. Boycotts give one a feeling that one is doing something more constructive than fiddling while Rome is burning.

3. Boycotts help spread the message in subtle ways. For example, the other day I needed tires and, as usual, Michelin was suggested. This gave me an opportunity to inform the vendor that "I don't buy from the French because of their anti-American and anti-Israel policies. Find something else for me".

4. Don't you feel nausea when you deal with the French? I sure do - and I boycott out of utter disgust.

5. The policies of boycott and disinvestment come from the enemy - nothing is healthier than giving the enemy a dose of it's own medicine. Why get mad - get even.


Text of the news release as posted at

New York (PRWEB) October 30, 2004 -- Following the welcome and acceptance by the country of France of Master Terrorist Yasser Arafat, the American Board of Rabbis (ABR) voted unanimously to ask the Jewish people for a world-wide ban of everything and anything French – products, services, and even the French language! The ABR is a New York-based Rabbinic association promoting Jewish unity through the advocacy of religious and human rights for the Jewish people worldwide. According to Board President, Rabbi Mordechai Yitzchok Friedman, “France’s harboring of Arafat, a known and internationally recognized terrorist, who is responsible for murder of thousands of infants, children, women, and men, is consistent with their tradition of anti-Semitism and anti-American activities.”

Beginning in 1940, France cooperated with the Nazis by promulgating and enforcing anti-Jewish legislation and by assisting in the deportation of Jews to extermination camps. The French Vichy government enacted the Statut des Juifs (Jewish Law), which defined Jews by race and restricted their rights. Vichy authorities also actively collaborated by establishing internment camps in southern France, arresting both foreign Jews and French Jews, and directly aiding in their deportation to extermination camps in occupied Poland. Such collaboration was a crucial element of the "Final Solution."

Following a recent U.N. Security Council vote to step up its campaign against terror, which resolves to "condemns in the strongest terms all acts of terrorism irrespective of their motivation, whenever and by whomsoever committed, as one of the most serious threats to peace and security," United States President George W. Bush signed the Global Anti-Semitism Bill, requiring the US Department of State to monitor global anti-Semitism and annually rate countries on their treatment of Jews. France’s harboring of a known terrorist, such as Arafat, is a direct violation of both articles of legislation.

Rabbi Friedman, along with ABR members who are children of Holocaust survivors, experienced a dark period when the Nazis occupied Germany and many Jews were rounded up and sent to concentration camps to die. “Since the Holocaust, Jews have not been murdered as these terrorist Palestinian factions under Arafat’s control are doing now. We must not tolerate this double-standard where the proposed genocide of the Jewish people is applauded daily by Arafat and his followers.”

The Holocaust began in 1941, during a Berlin meeting between the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini and the Nazi Fuhrer of Germany, Adolf Hitler. Hitler promised the Arab leader that after securing a dominant military position in Europe, he would send the Nazi war machine into the Arab world under the guise of liberating the Arabs from British occupation. About two months later, the infamous Wansee Conference took place in which the Nazis produced their plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe.

While captured Nazi leaders were tried at Nuremberg, al-Husseini escaped and became the major force to bring Hitler's program of genocide to the Arab world. Returning to the Middle-East, the mufti ordered death to any Arab who opposed him, as served to groom his nephew Mohammed Abdel Rahman al-Husseini to instigate violence against the Jews and spread Nazi hatred throughout the Arab world. Mohammed Abdel Rahman al-Husseini later changed his name to Yasser Arafat.

Rabbi Friedman concludes, “As it states in the Book of Genesis, Chapter 12, Verse 3, ‘G-d will curse those who curse the Jewish People,’ and so shall the people and country of France be cursed.”

A lesser-known chapter in Israel's history

On the assumption that we all read JPost, I don't usually highlight articles posted on theJPost site, but I will make an exception for SARAH HONIG's "Mother knew best".

Anyone who studied the pre-1948 history of Israel-in-the-making is familiar with the internecine fighting among the Haganah, IZL and Lehi, including the ignoble persion known as "the season" (Haganah denouncing members of the other organization to the British). Less known, perhaps, is the day-to-day war that Ben Gurion declared on the rank and file of the Revisionist Zionist movement. In her article, Sarah Honig recalls:

t's almost 60 years since David Ben-Gurion addressed the Histadrut convention (November 20, 1944) and ordered the expulsion of "all Revisionists from all work places, be it in an office, factory, or grove the same goes for students in higher or secondary education, or any other school."

My mother could quote that speech by heart for the remainder of her life.

She was among those who paid the price for their beliefs. She wouldn't be intimidated or enticed. She was often counseled to do the expedient thing and get herself the little Histadrut red book to make life a whole lot easier.
But to her that was tantamount to selling her soul.
Sarah Honig's article doesn't concentrate on history, however, but rather on the implications vis-a-vis the current situation. Her closing paragraph:
But when Sharon, breaking all the rules, reverses and does precisely what he recently trashed, that alternative disappears, liberating Labor from its dread of the electorate's wrath. Hence, sooner or later all settlements everywhere may be doomed.

Mom was so right: The Likud might not be worth saving. Its damage can be worse than Labor's worst.

What is the connection between that finale and Ben Gurion? Read the article!

A final comment. Shameful as the Jewish internecine feuds are, one should remember that such feuds are not uncommon in national liberation movements. Ireland had her de Valera - Michael Colins civil war, and the Kurds have had their feuding faction fighting each other to a point that they were unable to show a unified force until very recently.

Message from AFSI

Sunday, Dec. 5, 2004 – All-day AFSI Conference in Manhattan

Please visit our website to see full program.

"Islam's War Against America and Israel"

$180 per person, table of 10 @ 1,500

Make your reservation today - Please call us at 212-828-2424

History is the Present [November 6]

The following events took place on November 6:

1860: Abraham Lincoln elected president
1917: Bolshevik revolution begins with the capture of the Winter Palace
1941: 500 Jews of Kolomyya, Galicia and 15,000 Jews of Rowno, Poland were massacred by the Nazis.
1942: 12,000 Jews of Minsk were executed by the Nazis.
1944: Two LEHI members assasinate Lord Moyne in Egypt; the LEHI members were caught and later hanged.
1944: Chana Senesh (Szenes) was executed in Budapest, by the Nazis.
1952: First hydrogen bomb exploded (by US at Eniwetok Atoll).
1956: British and French troops protecting allied interests in the Suez Canal battle with Egyptian soldiers in the Canal Zone.
1978: Shah of Iran places Iran under military rule.

Note: The title of this piece, "History is the present", comes from a statement by E L Doctorow, and obviously, I find the statement to hit the nail on the head.

The foregoing info was compiled from many sources. Googling for "this day in history" will provide many relevant links for interested readers.

For more information on the people and the events mentioned, use Google. For example, there are 70 entries under "Chana Senesh" and over 200 under "Chana Szenes", the latter being the Hungarian spelling.

November 01, 2004

Action: Another US university adopts terrorist-hugging

I received the following message from one of our readers:

The Muslim Student Association at Northeaster Illinois University in Chicago is holding a tribute to Sheik Yassin of Hamas on Wednesday. They have placed flyers with a color photo of Yassin all over campus.

I spoke to the dean and he has done nothing to adress the issue. Even at the most anti-Israel campuses like Duke and Berkley I have never seen such blatant endorsment of a terror leader.

Please help me spread the word. Charles Johnson of littlegreenfootballs has posted a copy of the flyer I sent him with information on the contact information for the Dean of students:

I am trying to get people to write respectful letters to them lodging their dissaproval:

mtkelly@neiu.eduMichael KellyDean of Students

a-jenkins@neiu.eduAnthony JenkinsAssistant dean of students

Please act.