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November 06, 2004

History is the Present [November 6]

The following events took place on November 6:

1860: Abraham Lincoln elected president
1917: Bolshevik revolution begins with the capture of the Winter Palace
1941: 500 Jews of Kolomyya, Galicia and 15,000 Jews of Rowno, Poland were massacred by the Nazis.
1942: 12,000 Jews of Minsk were executed by the Nazis.
1944: Two LEHI members assasinate Lord Moyne in Egypt; the LEHI members were caught and later hanged.
1944: Chana Senesh (Szenes) was executed in Budapest, by the Nazis.
1952: First hydrogen bomb exploded (by US at Eniwetok Atoll).
1956: British and French troops protecting allied interests in the Suez Canal battle with Egyptian soldiers in the Canal Zone.
1978: Shah of Iran places Iran under military rule.

Note: The title of this piece, "History is the present", comes from a statement by E L Doctorow, and obviously, I find the statement to hit the nail on the head.

The foregoing info was compiled from many sources. Googling for "this day in history" will provide many relevant links for interested readers.

For more information on the people and the events mentioned, use Google. For example, there are 70 entries under "Chana Senesh" and over 200 under "Chana Szenes", the latter being the Hungarian spelling.