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November 07, 2004

The fence works, house-demolitions work

Arutz 7 e-mailed the following piece on Friday, 5 Nov 2004:


It has now been released for publication that two wanted Arab terrorists recently turned themselves in to IDF forces at a checkpoint near the city of Shechem, 30 miles north of Jerusalem. The two were brothers, one of whom - Fadi Al-Hirash - planned to carry out a suicide bombing.

Fadi had already filmed the video tape that was to be played after his suicide attack. He and his brother surrendered themselves, it was revealed, under pressure from family members, who feared that their homes would be destroyed by Israel in retaliation for the planned bombing.

In September, two Arab female students from the Shechem area turned themselves in at the same military Beit Iba checkpoint, hours after their handler, Hani Akhed, was killed by IDF soldiers. The 21-year-old women admitted to planning a suicide attack targeting Jews in Tel Aviv.

This morning, an 18-year-old Fatah terrorist, Maram Muslam, also turned himself in to IDF troops at a Shechem checkpoint, after learning he was being sought by security forces.
Little wonder then that the Arabs and their EUrabian lackeys oppose house demolition - demonstrably, it works!