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November 01, 2004

Action: Another US university adopts terrorist-hugging

I received the following message from one of our readers:

The Muslim Student Association at Northeaster Illinois University in Chicago is holding a tribute to Sheik Yassin of Hamas on Wednesday. They have placed flyers with a color photo of Yassin all over campus.

I spoke to the dean and he has done nothing to adress the issue. Even at the most anti-Israel campuses like Duke and Berkley I have never seen such blatant endorsment of a terror leader.

Please help me spread the word. Charles Johnson of littlegreenfootballs has posted a copy of the flyer I sent him with information on the contact information for the Dean of students:

I am trying to get people to write respectful letters to them lodging their dissaproval:

mtkelly@neiu.eduMichael KellyDean of Students

a-jenkins@neiu.eduAnthony JenkinsAssistant dean of students

Please act.