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June 14, 2003

Arlene Peck’s latest article, “The gloves are off!” -- on the response to terrorism directed against Israel is up here

June 10, 2003

The Humiliation of Israel

Are you feeling personally violated by the manner in which Israel is treated while forced to submit to alien desires? Sara Honig, with an eye and a pen hard to match, will show you why and how this feeling is fully warranted. You must read her verbatim here.

June 09, 2003

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Ted Belman
Mike's Place Toronto" TONIGHT!!!

Starts early - 8 pm - for those of us who have to get up for work in the morning. Great live music all night long.

For anyone in the Toronto area please come out and show your support - and bring all your friends too!

For anyone in New York, London or Tel Aviv, remember there will be concerts in your area on June 28.

A Benefit Concert for Avi Taviv & the victims of the Mike's Place bombings

"Through his bravery, we mourn 3 and not 30....."

Monday June 9, 2003 @ 8:00 p.m

Toronto's Premier Blues Club

486 Spadina Ave., just north of College St.


"The Virgins"
"Lizard and the Snakes"
"The Mike's Place Jammers"
"10 Year Drought"

$15 at the door

On April 30, 2003 there was a homicide bombing at Mike's Place, a popular Tel Aviv blues bar, killing three and wounding over fifty. Mike's Place is an establishment that is very dear to many Canadians who have spent time in Israel. Upon hearing the news and picturing the crowded bar, many of us were surprised to hear that the death toll was 3 and not 30. The carnage would have been much greater if not for the heroic actions of Avi Taviv, the security guard whose brave and selfless actions prevented the terrorists from penetrating further inside.

Avi, miraculously survived the attack, and is currently making a speedy recovery in a Tel Aviv hospital. We would like to send him a message to express our gratitude and indebtedness for saving our friends, family and loved ones from harm.

About Mike's Place
Mike's Place started in Jerusalem where it was the bar of choice amongst a generation of North American kids spending their junior year abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Mike's was one of the only bars to have survived the horrible blow that the Jerusalem (and Israeli) hospitality industry has encountered since the intifada started. Their decision to expand to a second Tel Aviv location on the beach at a time when there were almost no new bar openings defied conventional wisdom, but was a natural one, as many of us find ourselves spending time in Tel Aviv.

We hope that you will come out and show your support for Israel and for a true hero whose bravery has touched our community. This event will send the message that we will not let Israel's enemies take away our little slice of heaven on earth.

Good friends, tasty beverages and great live music by talented local musicians in the Mike's Place spirit

Proceeds from the evening will help with Avi's medical expenses, school tuition and the recovery of other victims of the attack.

For further information or donations contact:


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June 08, 2003

Hard to believe but...

Through a mailing managed by Shoshana Walker at Topica I received a posting describing the career of "Walid". A once Paletinian terrorist, Walid converted to Christianity and is now a strongly PROZIONIST activist (in the correct sense of the word). In the link above you will find a defense of the "right of return" (of the Jews) to their ancient homeland that Israel's Hasbara (and Joseph Norland) would be proud of. (We are talking about