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January 11, 2003

Palestinian hatred goes beyond Israel

It targets America as well. Gaza Hamas leader Rantisi called on Arabs to kill Americans. What? You mean the Palestinians hate Americans too? I thought it was about "occupation." I thought it was about "settlements." Oops.

Gaza Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi made Hamas's first threat to launch suicide attacks against the US, in an address to thousands of supporters in Gaza City Friday.
Yes, thousands. Not a "few hundred" extremists. Thousands. And that's just one rally in Gaza City.

"I call on Iraq to prepare an army of would-be martyrs and prepare tens of thousands of explosive belts," Hamas official Abdel Aziz Rantisi declared at the pro-Iraq rally.
Explosive belts. Don't leave home without 'em.

"Blow yourselves up against the American army. Bomb them in Baghdad," Rantisi added. "I call on all Arab nations to burn the ground underneath the feet of the Americans in all capitals."
What's the object here? To leave the Americans with blisters?

Shouting "Death to America" and "Victory from Jerusalem to Baghdad," tens of thousands of Hamas supporters marched in the streets of Gaza City to protest against US threats to launch a war against Iraq.
Tens of thousands? It's not just five Islamic extremists? Wow.

The demonstrators burned US, Israeli, and British flags as Rantisi and other other Hamas leaders urged Muslims to carry out suicide attacks against the US.
Funny, you never see the terrorists burning French flags. Maybe that's because the French lie down and take it from the Islamists day in and day out.

In addition to Rantisi, the rally was attended by Hamas officials Nizar Abu Rayan and Ismail Abu Shanab.

Palestinian Authority security officials told The Jerusalem Post that the Hamas rally reflected growing hostility among the Palestinians toward the US and Britain. They noted that the PA had banned pro-Iraq rallies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for fear that such events would threaten its relationship with the US and other Western countries.

The PA banning anti-American rallies is like Hitler banning anti-Semitic rallies. The PA may be afraid of "jeopardizing" its "sterling relationship" with the US, but they're a bunch of anti-American terrorists who would love nothing better than to see the US in smouldering ruins.

The three Hamas leaders said the demonstration was the beginning of an Arab and Islamic intifada to support the Iraqi people. They also condemned pro-Western Arab governments for supporting the US and providing bases on their territories for American and British troops.

"The masses who gathered here today came to tell [US President] George Bush that his terrorism in Iraq will not triumph and that his soldiers will be crushed," Rantisi said.

We're quaking in our boots. Come and get us. We've got millions of guns and tons of nuclear materials just begging for use. As Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler might put it, we're just waiting to turn all your terrorist countries into a sea of glass.

"Iraq will turn into a graveyard for the American and British invaders. The Crusade campaign that Bush is leading against Islam and the Muslims is doomed to failure."
Strange how the most vocal Muslims consider this a war between Christianity/Judaism and Islam. They must be wrong. After all, Islam is a Religion of Peace.

Addressing the Iraqi people, the senior Hamas official said: "Be patient, remain steadfast, and fear Allah. American revelry will be defeated, by God's will, in Iraq. They will not taste victory."
God's will is that all of you terrorist, murdering scum are wiped off the planet. We'll be happy to oblige Him.

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Interesting tidbits from, with comments interspersed

Zeid Baisi flunks bomb test...
Also in Gaza, a 17-year-old Palestinian died from injuries he sustained a day earlier in an explosion at his home, hospital officials said. Zeid Baisi was a member of the militant Islamic Jihad group, and sources in the camp said he was putting together explosives when he was injured.
"Was it white wire to red, black to green? Or the other way around?... Ooops."
Posted by Fred Pruitt 1/11/2003 13:50|| E-Mail|| Comment|| Link|| Top||

Toe tag for Nablus firebomber...
In a violent incident Saturday, Israeli soldiers opened fire at Palestinians throwing stones and firebombs at their armored vehicles in the Askar refugee camp next to the city of Nablus. Basman Shanir, 20, was killed and nine other people were wounded, witnesses said. The army said Shanir threw a firebomb at troops. Soldiers have permission to fire at Palestinians throwing firebombs, considered lethal weapons by the Israeli military.
And by most other people with a lick of sense...
Posted by Fred Pruitt 1/11/2003 13:48|| E-Mail|| Comment|| Link|| Top||

Toss a Molotov Coctail; get shot. Good idea. When American governments (read: the State Department) were pressuring British restraint in Northern Ireland, the I.R.A. took that as a license to toss fire-bombs with impunity. It got to be a sick joke. GO IDF!
Posted by: Anonymous 1/11/2003 4:02:12 PM

Netzarim visitor leaves feet first...
At least one Palestinian entered a house in the settlement of Netzarim, and was shot at by the resident inside, said a spokesman for Israeli settlers in the Gaza Strip. No injuries were reported, and two knife-wielding Palestinian infiltrators were captured by security forces, the military officials said, speaking on customary condition of anonymity.
Great minds of the 21st Century, at work! He brought a knife to a gunfight...
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Palestinian youth shot dead in Bethlehem
Middle East Online
A 15-year-old Palestinian boy was killed by Israeli gunfire Friday in the Aida refugee camp of Bethlehem, in the southern West Bank, as he was throwing stones at soldiers, Palestinian medical sources said. Tareq Abu Jaber was hit in the abdomen, the sources said, adding that two other youngsters had been lightly wounded in the same incident.
My sympathy meter's still busted. If he'd been in school, learning something, then he wouldn't have been out playing at jihad, where he could stop a bullet. Those nails are very tough, ain't they?
Posted by Fred Pruitt 1/11/2003 13:01|| E-Mail|| Comment|| Link|| Top||

Something that the news media never mention when discussing "stone-throwers" is that these kids are throwing bricks. Scroll down through this article (sorry, it was a really long fisking of Reuters)for a photo of the kids throwing those "rocks."
Posted by: Meryl Yourish [] 1/11/2003 3:25:36 PM

The problem with the Palestinian economy is that these young thugs used to be rented out as mercenary slingers two millenia ago. Now they are stupid enough to do the rock throwing for free, with IDF infantry as targets no less.
Posted by: Tom Roberts 1/11/2003 3:36:05 PM

PFLP thugs nabbed in Ramallah...
In Ramallah, Israel's army arrested two officials of the radical Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), an Israeli military source said. The army had been looking for Hassan Fatafta, 42, for several months, the source said. He was arrested along with fellow PFLP member Ishaq Amin Khader Younes, 56, who formed part of the PFLP leadership based in Damascus, the military source said.
Oooh! That's a nice catch!
Their arrests - not immediately confirmed by Palestinian security sources - came as Israeli security forces dismantled a PFLP cell charged with directing the group's operations in Jerusalem, he added. The army also nabbed 17-year-old Hussein Hanani in Ramallah, although it did not give a date for his arrest. The source said Hanani was a would-be suicide bomber plotting to attack a Jerusalem bus station for the PFLP.
Hussein's almost an afterthought, a bit of cannon fodder that won't get the opportunity to explode...
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Israelis slowing down tourism bucks for Saudi Mecca trip. Gosh, those unfeeling Israelis. And this from a source of funding for terror that does not even recognize the existence of Israel.
Israel Putting Hurdles Before Palestinian Pilgrims

JEDDAH - The Israeli authorities are making it more difficult than ever for Palestine pilgrims to perform Haj, according to the Palestinian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Speaking from Riyadh, Mustafa Hashim Deeb said that this year Palestinians are finding that there are many obstacles being put in their way as they try to finalize their Haj documents.

The Israelis are preventing many who want to perform Haj from reaching the Ministry of Interior so that they cannot complete their travel documents, he explained.

According to the ambassador, 1,000 individuals from families who have had one of their members martyred are listed as guests of King Fahd to perform Haj this year, but because so many more people have been martyred already this year the list is expected to be enlarged in the next few days.

Deeb pointed out that the Israeli authorities have put a blanket ban on officials of the Palestinian government and those who are under 35 years of age from performing Haj this year.

Other Palestinian pilgrims will start arriving on Jan. 16, he said.

On behalf of President Yasser Arafat, his government, the Palestinian people and all the Palestinians who live here in the Kingdom, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his government for making it possible for Palestinian pilgrims to perform Haj by providing them with all their needs, Deeb added.

Meanwhile, the first batch of Indonesian pilgrims arrived here yesterday.

The first group from West Java left the countrys main Soekarno-Hatta Airport on Thursday, Indonesias official Antara news agency said. Other departures were reported in Banda Aceh and Medan in Sumatra, Makassar in South Sulawesi and Solo in Central Java.

Some 205,000 Indonesians are expected to perform Haj this year

nota bene: I go frequently to WWW.Arabia.Com and have noticed that when the page opens in Arabic, there will be articles and pictures that are not there when the language is switched to Enlish. Example: when I opened this site just now, Arafat's picture was there with an article about him. But when I changed to English, the picture and article were gone. Now what to you think that could mean?

From Joseph Farah of

I couldn't agree with him more. Arafat is a common or garden criminal and con-artist not to mention ordinary (?extraordinary) thief.

A story of cold-blooded murder

By Joseph Farah
© 2003

Last week, Massoud Mahlouf Elon, a 72-year-old Israeli from the town of Menahemya, did something he had done for years.

He drove into the Jordan Valley, a desolate Arab area where he often brought clothes to donate to poor Bedouin tribes people.

"I begged him not to travel there," said his son Ya'acov.

But Elon enjoyed friendly relations with the local people. They knew him. He knew them. Despite rising tensions between Jews and Arabs, Elon believed his own personal relationships built up over many years would overshadow the dangers just any Israeli might face in the area.

Elon was wrong.

After a 12-hour search of the Jordan Valley using jeeps, helicopters and dogs, Israeli security forces discovered first his charred automobile and later his mutilated and incinerated remains last Thursday. He is believed to have been stoned to death. His face had been bashed beyond recognition.

The Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, an Arab terrorist group under the command of Yasser Arafat, immediately began circulating leaflets taking responsibility for the murder.

I have written tens of thousands of words over the years about the Arab-Israeli conflict. I have tried to find new ways of looking at old facts. I have tried to shed light on the mysteries of this ancient blood feud. I have tried to explain the geo-political context of this explosive struggle. I have delved into the spiritual issues. I have reported facts I felt certain would change people's
perceptions. I have attempted to shatter myths and misconceptions.

Sometimes, however, the simplest, most direct and most effective way to reach people with the truth is through the personal story.

Massoud Mahlouf Elon's story.

I didn't know Elon. But I feel like I did after reading about him. I've met many men like him in the Middle East, nice men who got along with their neighbors, nice men who would give you the shirt off their back, nice men who didn't care about politics and power.

This man was no threat to anyone. He took no sides in any conflict. He was a Jew who simply loved and cared for his neighbors, his Arab neighbors. And he paid for that love with his life in the cruelest imaginable way.

In the past, I have made the case that Yasser Arafat should be tried, convicted and executed for the murders of high-profile U.S. diplomats. I have made the case that Arafat should pay with his own life for the murders of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Jews. I have made the case that he should be held accountable for the murder of dozens of America citizens.

But today, I suggest we put all that aside for the moment and simply arrest Yasser Arafat for the murder of Massoud Mahlouf Elon, the 72-year-old Jew with failing eyesight who wanted only to help his Arab neighbors.

I don't care how such an action might inflame his cohorts. I don't care how such an action might impact the "peace process." I don't care how Washington might react to such a move. I don't care.

It's time for justice. It's time to do the right thing.

What good will it do for Israel to lash out and attack some mid-level terrorist in Arafat's chain of command? What good will it do to steamroll over some terrorists' houses? What good will it do to blame anyone else but the mastermind of this cold-blooded murder as well as 40 years of similar atrocities?

Arafat did this. He claims responsibility for the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades. This group is an offshoot of his own Fatah Party. Now let him be responsible for their actions.

Arafat needs to pay for Massoud Mahlouf Elon.


Joseph Farah's nationally syndicated column originates at WorldNetDaily, where he serves as editor and chief executive officer. If you would like to see the column in your local newspaper, contact your local editor. Tell your paper the column is available through Creators Syndicate.

I stole this Maariv article from Imshin.

It has two opposing statements from two Arafat advisors. One is Abu Sharif, who is, as the author says, known to be moderate. In his statement he advocates a two-state solution, but he also deems the "right of return" unpractical and not serious. The second one is someone who's last name is Habash, who says: "For us, the refugee issue is a winning card, because it means the destruction of the state of Israel".

The author thinks that Arafat prefers the latter, which I have no doubt about. But then he goes on analyzing Arafat's subtle endorsement of Mitzna as the next Israeli PM. His theory is: Mitzna is bad for Arafat, since he will be making some generous offers to Arafat, which Arafat knows he will have to refuse, thus exposing himself as the no-good SOB that he is. And since Mitzna is bad for Arafat, Arafat has to hint that he favors him, since most Israelis will not vote for someone whom Arafat favors. This is a stupid theory. Anyone who does not keep his head in the sand for most of the day already knows who Arafat really is. No more evidence is needed. And then there are people who will support him no matter what, for all kinds of idiotic reasons. No evidence will bother them any more than it did so far.

It is true that Arafat might be hoping that Mitzna will help him regain at least some of the legitimacy that he had lost. But I think what really is happening is that deep down Arafat knows that Mitzna's chance to be elected is very slim, if any, with or without his endorsement. So this endorsement is there largely to show that he, Arafat, is always willing to negotiate, and it is the evil Sharon who would not. I think it is one of his last pathetic efforts to float, by grabbing however small piece of wood he can find. I think Arafat is as good as gone. And I think that we will soon find out whether he was the real problem, or just a symptom.

Turkey Breaks Ranks

Debka Reports

The new Turkish government has performed a spectacular about-face with respect to US war plans for Iraq and its post-Saddam aftermath, a large monkey wrench that is bound to throw off Washington’s timeline for launching its war offensive against Iraq. This partly explains the pressure building up from Britain and other western powers to postpone the assault.

Before the war begins, and with Saddam looking on in Baghdad, America’s two key partners on its northern front, Turkey and the Kurds, are vying for post-war spoils: control of the government in Baghdad and oil. Bringing them back in line is essential, if the vital northern flank of the American warfront is not to be disabled before and during the conflict. The US will need to keep a weather eye on how its two northern allies are behaving and keep important segments of its army in reserve. Instead of fighting Saddam Hussein, they may be called on to separate the two old enemies.
Just when you think the ducks are all in a row.

These asses are so filled with anti-semitism and hatred that they simply don't know how to keep their mouths shut. Lebanese ambassador to Canada says Zionists run media
Pot Shots

When Britain embargoed military supplies to Israel they lost the right to ask anything of Israel. The irony is that they accused Israel of hurting the relationship

N. Korea is the strongest argument for destroying the ability of Iraq to do harm earlier rather than later. Once a country hostile to the US gets WMD and the means to deliver them, it is much more costly to take them on. Not only in terms of your own casualties but also in terms of the destruction they could visit upon your allies in the area, be they Israel, Japan or S. Korea.

The US sees value in going to war against Iraq in order to destabilize the region and the EU is against such a war preferring stability on the region.

The EU wants to make nice in order to protect itself from terror (fat chance) whereas the US wants to make war in order to protect itself from terror (fat chance ... at least in the short run).

The EU is the ally of the Arabs, specifically Iran and Iraq, whereas the US has labelled Iraq and Iran, members of the axis of evil.

Israel is "with us" (the US) whereas the EU, all the Arab countries, Pakistan and many other countries too numerous to mention are "against us".

Bush is an empty wind bag. We don't hear anymore about his declaration that" either your with us or your against us", nor do we hear about "those countries that harbour terrorists or support them suffering the same fate", nor do we hear about the necessity of the conditions precedent to the establishment of a Palestinian state as set out in the vision speech.

The CBC will not be able to maintain its bias against Israel (the pressure is building) just as Canada wasn't able to continue to whitewash Hezbollah because of their "good works".

Canada will increasingly be identified as pro- Palestinian and anti-Israel just like the EU (which they are) and will no longer be able to sell the damaged goods of even handedness.

9/11 is the beginning of the end of the Arab dictatorships heralding decades of change, whereas the US will remain the same except for being a little wiser and a little more resolved.

Ted Belman

Slim pickings. Muslim Martyrs Complain About Quality of Virgins in Paradise
Mecca - Muslim leaders from around the world hastily assembled today in the most holy city of Islam for an emergency meeting to discuss alarming reports that not all is well in Paradise.

"It appears that some of our young martyrs are displeased with the virgins they have received in Paradise," said Sheik Ali bin Farabi, Chairman of the influential Committee to Get Morons to Blow Themselves Up and Kill Infidels. "You see, Islam is a religion of love, and is based upon getting young people to strap sticks of dynamite to their bodies and go into malls and discos so that they may kill many, many innocent infidels. This is the will of Allah. Of course, most young Muslims these days are corrupted by the vile Western world with its indoor plumbing and Red Fusion Dr. Pepper, and so we must promise 72 virgins to any young person who fulfills the loving message of Islam by blowing up infidels."

This reporter was able to interview several martyrs in Paradise where morale levels as of late have become dangerously low. "I was robbed," said "Mohammed," a 15-year old martyr from Hebron. "Man, if I had known that all my 72 virgins were going to be Arab girls, I'd have never put on that vest filled with 12 pounds of plastique and blown myself up in that crowded daycare center. Geesh, those Arab girls have bigger mustaches than Sam Elliott's. Say what you will about the accursed Zionist chicks, but at least they're hot."

Some martyrs are even questioning the bona fides of their virgins. "Yeah, I was like, so shocked, when I saw that Halima was one of my virgins," said "Ali," a 16-year old martyr from the Golan Heights. "She may technically be a 'virgin," but she's a slut, that's for sure. Heck, I saw her give a hand job to Binky bin Laden in 8th grade during Weapons Class. And everybody says she went all-the-way with Joey al Haqa ibn Mashari last year during Ramadan."

Several martyrs have gone so far as to hire lawyers and are looking into the possibility of posthumously converting to Christianity. The majority, however, describe themselves as "majorly bummed," and have decided to stick with camels.
The whys and wherefores of Anti-Americanism and Anti-Semetism

After Tony Blair gave his recent speech attacking anti-Americanism, this editorial appeared in the Times of London.

I have copied only a few excerpts from this excellent article.

Knocking America off its superpower pedestal has long supplanted taking control of the commanding heights of the economy as the idea which holds the Left together. Forget Clause Four. That was a dead red letter. It’s opposition to Uncle Sam which is the glue in the Left coalition, the brew which puts fire into bien-pensant bellies, the opium of radical intellectuals. And the crack in Osama bin Laden’s pipe.

Anti-Americanism provides the drumbeat for the protesters who march at every significant left-wing rally. Whether the protest is nominally against war, global capitalism or environmental degradation, the real enemy is Washington. Every significant Left intellectual, from Harold Pinter through Dario Fo to Gore Vidal and Noam Chomsky has made criticism of the American imperium his defining belief. But Yankee-phobia now extends far beyond the protest march and the academy.

For Yankee-phobia is, at heart, a dark thing, a prejudice with ugly antecedents which creates unholy alliances. And, like all prejudices, it thrives on myths which will end up only serving evil ends.

Why then do the myths of America the Hateful take such powerful hold? Because anti-Americanism provides a useful emotional function which goes beyond logic and reaches deep into the darker recesses of the European soul. In centuries past those on the Left who wished to personalise their hatred of capitalism, who sought to make it emotionally resonant by fastening an envious political passion on to a blameless scapegoat people, embraced anti-Semitism. It was the socialism of fools. Which is what anti-Americanism is now.

It should not therefore be surprising that those on the populist Right who share the Left’s antipathy towards the US are those, like the Austrian Freedom Party or the French National Front, who are heirs of anti-Semitic traditions. Nor should it be remarkable that the other tie which binds these allies of new Left and old Right together, the thread linking those such as George Galloway and Jörg Haider, is their hostility to Israel.

Both America and Israel were founded by peoples who were refugees from prejudice in Europe. Europe’s tragedy is that prejudice has been given new life, in antipathy to both those states.
I am in complete agreement with him that anti-Americanism and anti-Semetism are similar and are both irrational. He suggests it exists because the Left has a need to personalise their hatred of capitalism. I beg to differ.

John J Ray wrote an essay entitled Lies and the Psychology of Leftist Politics (after going to the link go to unpublished papers and look for the one with this title) in which he formulated the theory that;
The Leftist is primarily driven by the related forces of narcissism and need for extreme power, that his/her "idealism" or claim to care for the welfare of the people is a brutal fraud which he/she adopts as a cloak over his/her real goals and that the Leftist never lets any concern for the truth restrain him/her in seeking to attain his/her concealed goals of obtaining ultimate power for him/her or his/her clique.
This explanation seems to me to be closer to the truth and also explains why the extreme Right who aren't anti-capitalist join in. Although he is talking about movements such as Communism or Nazism (which he considers Leftist), a milder form of this applies to all Leftists, namely they have a desire to attack the powerful and bring them down to size.

This editorial also states that it's about "knocking America off its superpower pedestal". For two thousand years, attempts have been made to "knock the Jews off their pedestal" where the World perceived them to sit because the Jews introduced monotheism to the world, claimed to be the chosen people and were set apart. In a way, America fits the bill too.

Ted Belman

Daniel Pipes addresses the issue of The Scandal of U.S.-Saudi Relations
This brief extract reveals the scandal of American relationships with the Saudis, a good deal of which is either ignored or unkown.

[...]1970s, when Henry Kissinger attended a state dinner in his honor hosted by King Faisal, set the tone. Kissinger recounts how the king informed him that Jews and Communists were working now in parallel, now together, to undermine the civilized world as we knew it. Oblivious to my [Jewish] ancestry-or delicately putting me into a special category-Faisal insisted that an end be put once and for all to the dual conspiracy of Jews and Communists. The Middle East outpost of that plot was the State of Israel, put there by Bolshevism for the principal purpose of dividing America from the Arabs.

Kissinger did not confront Faisal but did his best to avoid the whole issue by responding with a question to the king about the palace artwork.
Editorial in Boston Globe condemns Israeli restraint after double suicide atrocity in Tel Aviv Israeli restraint makes terrorism more likely
[...] To demand ''restraint'' of Israel now - to insist that it voluntarily suppress its right to self-defense - is to make bloody atrocities like last Sunday's not less likely but more so. Like the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Palestinian Authority and the murderers it has supported must be crushed. That is the plain meaning of the Bush Doctrine and the essential first step to peace.
Rebel Without A Listing

Piece by Martin Kramer belittles former Israeli academic for his rants about "blacklisting" at Campus Watch.
Life Imitates Art at UCLA. Back in October, I put together a little parody: a letter from an indignant professor to Campus Watch. In it, the prof rails against the "McCarthyite" website, but winds up begging to be listed on it, so as to boost his tenure prospects.

Now there's a real-life case of this, with only minor deviations. It takes the form of a memo from Gabriel Piterberg, a professor of Middle Eastern history, to his colleagues in the UCLA history department. After a perfunctionary opening, Piterberg warns of the "intensifying activity of Campus Watch at UCLA and other major campuses."
Campus Watch is a web site directed by Daniel Pipes and Martin Kramer, Middle East scholars and activists for the cause of the pro-Israeli lobby in America....The web site itself is a black list of professors whose views are unpalatable to the pro-Israeli lobby and to the current administration. The academic community is advised to be wary of these professors, and students are encouraged to spy and report on what they—and other potential suspects—do in class and publish. As a major academic center with an illustrious tradition in Middle East studies, UCLA is one of the main targets of Campus Watch. [UCLA history professor] Jim Gelvin and I are on its black list.
End of memo. (Incidentally, Piterberg is an Argentine-born Israeli who left the country some years back.)

Now I am not a director of Campus Watch (ten points off right there), and it's not my place to defend it. I happen not to think the website is a blacklist. Nor do I think the classroom is a clandestine cell or a security agency, whose members are bound by an oath of secrecy. (Professors who treat the classroom as a place of indoctrination and initiation might think differently.) And the notion that there is something wrong when students report what their professors publish—well, it's been rumored that if you publish something, anyone can read it. Perhaps it's to keep those "spies" from "reporting" his ideas that Professor Piterberg has been careful to keep his own list of publications short.

But the really comic part comes at the end. Piterberg claims to be on the "blacklist" of Campus Watch. Now for the life of me, I haven't been able to find his name anywhere on the site. He wasn't the subject of one of the "dossiers" of the original "egregious eight." He doesn't appear on the list of persons who sent in their own names, in "solidarity" with the eight. In fact, Campus Watch hasn't put out anything about him at all. Same thing with James Gelvin. (I myself have written about Gelvin—not a "listing" but 1,000 reasoned words— and I wrote them not for Campus Watch, but for the journal I edit.)

Finally, as far as UCLA being one of the "major targets" of Campus Watch: until the website posted Piterberg's memo, it didn't even have an entry for UCLA under its "Survey of Institutions."
Lucky to be in US or he would probably be killed by now. A voice in the wilderness of Muslim silence. Local Muslim editor finds his pro-U.S. positions unpopular.
"The war on terrorism cannot be won unless it is fought simultaneously from within,' he [founder and editor in chief, Tashbih Sayyed] said.
The operative word here is halt for a period of time, not to end attacks forever. Merely a political ploy but gives away the hypocrisy of this man. Arafat Urges Halt on Attacks Before Israel Poll
Germany to Deliver Missiles to Israel This Month

Berlin, Jan. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Germany will deliver 128 Patriot air-defense missiles to Israel by the end of this month, Bild Zeitung reported, citing no one.

The missiles will be delivered to a munitions depot in Luebberstedt in northern Germany to be shipped to Israel, the newspaper said.

The Israeli Defense Ministry in November confirmed reports it asked Germany to supply Patriot missiles. The request was made after Israel received information Germany intended clearing out its Patriot missile batteries.

The U.S. provided Israel with Patriot missiles during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. The Patriots, which serve as a defense against incoming short-range ballistic missiles, were used to shoot down Iraqi Scud and other missiles fired at Israeli and Saudi Arabian territory.
Munich, 1938 - Europe, 2003

The ominous news about the Quartet keeps rolling in. On December 25, 2002, for example, Ha’Aretz, reported [bold font added]:
Blair: London talks to pave way for Palestinian state by 2005

LONDON - British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Wednesday that next month's conference in London on PA reform is intended to pave the way for a renewal of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, which will result in the creation of a Palestinian state by 2005 "next to Israel."
The two-day conference, headed by British Foreign Minister Jack Straw, will be attended by representatives of the Quartet and official delegates from Jordan, Saudi and Egypt.
Many commentators have already noted that the one party missing from the list of participants is ... Israel, just as Czechoslovakia was not invited to the Munich Conference of September 1938. Indeed, as the Quartet’s scheming proceeds, one is reminded more and more of the Munich Conference. The similarities and parallels are stupefying not only with regard to the overall picture - appeasing terrorist blackmailers, depriving a small, democratic republic of her defences, and, ultimately, dismembering the republic - but also in many of the details.

Recalling that the German claim to the Sudetenland was based on "self-determination", note, for example, this passage on the background to the Munich Conference, as quoted from p. 146-147 of

Deighton, Len. Blood, Tears and Folly. London: Jonathan Cape, 1993.

In the following quotations, I have inserted within brackets the contemporary parallel, but otherwise I have not changed a single word.
Hitler's [Arafat’s] claim to Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland [Israel’s Yesha] was based upon spurious complaints ... The Sudeten Germans [Palestinian Arabs] lived in the borderlands [the Jordan Valley and the mountain ridge west of the valley], an area well fortified against German [Arab countries’] attack... Chamberlain, [the Quartet] convinced that Hitler [Arafat] was a rational individual with whom an agreement could be reached, offered to meet him...
Let us continue this horror story with another source, say, the description given, in the University of SF site about the Munich Conference proper. Again, I have inserted within brackets the contemporary equivalents, but otherwise I have not changed a single word.
When Hitler [Arafat] revealed that the Sudentenland [Yesha] was his final territorial request, Chamberlain [Quartet] came to believe it was a small, if unseemly, price to pay for the prevention of a continental war [terrorism in Europe]. It never occurred to Chamberlain [Quartet], as was feared by Churchill [all those who oppose the Palestinian-Arab state], that Hitler [Arafat] was lying... By the time the four powers (Britain, France, Italy, and Germany) [the Quartet] met at Munich [place to be determined], Czechoslovakia's [Israel’s] fate was already sealed. The Munich Conference [the Quartet Conference] was about how to give Hitler [Arafat] his prize rather than whether or not he deserved it.
The most troubling aspect of the Munich/Quartet analogy may be found in Shirer’s work on World War II:

Shirer, William L. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich New York: Simon and Schuster, 1960.

Shirer (op. cit., pp. 424-5) states, that
It is inconceivable that the British and French general staffs and the two governments did not know of the opposition of the German Army General Staff to a European war. For, as already noted here, the conspirators in Berlin warned the British of this through at least four channels in August and September and, as we know, the matter came to the attention of Chamberlain himself.
But the Franco-British perfidy at Munich pulled the rug from under the anti-Hitler conspiracy and opposition (not for the first time, nor for the last time). We do not know of any real opposition to Arafat and his terrorist ways, but the parallel suggests that if any such opposition does exist, then the Quartet’s scheming and refusal to isolate Arafat are sure to discourage and throttle any nascent opposition. Herein lies the tragedy that the Quartet is cooking for Israel and for all western democracies.

If we don’t stop the insanity of the Quartet now, we may have to live with consequences that will parallel those of World War II.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland. This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.

January 10, 2003

In case you were wondering

Shabtai Alboher is a former legal counsel in the office of the IDF Judge Advocate General. Here he ponders the ruling of the Israel Supreme Court
In a surprising and unprecedented move, the Supreme Court has ruled that a candidate or a political party running on a platform denying Israel´s right to exist as a Jewish State is a legitimate choice for the Israeli electorate. The candidate, Azmi Bishara, and his party, Balad, are in favor of replacing the State of Israel with a state "of all of its residents" that has no specific identification with the Jewish People. Bishara has even stated publicly that, in his opinion, there is no such thing as a "Jewish People".

The court´s decision in the Bishara case seems to fly in the face of Israeli law, which states specifically that a party or candidate that denies the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state must be disqualified from running for the Knesset. Israel´s Attorney General, Elyakim Rubinstein, relying on that law, successfully convinced the Elections Commission to disqualify Bishara and Balad from running for the Knesset.
Do I ever hate judicial activism. The Israel Supreme Court is no different in that respect than most courts in the western World in that they continually fashion society as they would have it be instead of applying the law as the legislature intended it to be. To my mind this subverts democracy and puts too much power in the hands of the judiciary.

Ted Belman

Reclaiming The Geneva Conventions - An Oldie But A Goodie

When people like Hassan Abdel Rachman, Nasser Al-Kidwa and NGO's like Amnesty International (in spite of their first ever condemnation of Palestinian Terror) claim that Israel is in violation of "international law", and namely the Fourth Geneva Conventions of 1949, they are simply wrong.

I do not know if they are lying or simply misinformed, but here is the reality of what these conventions are for:

The Geneva Conventions are intended to govern a state of WAR between two "High Contracting Parties" ie. soveriegn countries (Palestine does not fit this definition as described in the Montevideo Convention) who have signed the pact.

A man named Jean Pictet who worked for the International Red Cross at the time of the signing of the conventions and was very instrumental in their development is recognized as having written the definitve commentary on the interpretation of the Geneva Conventions. He recognized that a non-country could theoretically be protected under the Conventions if they voluntarily applied them to their enemy. Palestine has not only clearly NOT done this, but in fact they have taken advantage of their non-party status by violating every norm, ethos and moral code in the Conventions (see harming civillians and non-combatants and hiding combatants among civillian populations).

In light of the fact that the Geneva Conventions govern WAR, they regulate all sorts of nasty things like how to nicely go about detaining masses of people in wartime and destroying the infrastucture of your enemy.

The conventions actually justify acts far beyond anything Israel has ever done in the region. Why? Because these conventions govern WAR!

The Palestinians can have it one of two ways:
(1) They can have the Geneva Conventions apply and thus recognize that we are in a state of war, meaning that Israel's hand will be free to inflict damage on a scale not even approached in the last 35 years (I'm not sure how desirable this is for the residents of the disputed territories) or,
(2) Admit that the Geneva conventions DO NOT APPLY, stop condemning Israel on imaginary infractions of an inapplicable law, and look at what they can do to improve their own humanitarian crisis instead of funnelling money to inflict terror on Israel.

As for the accusation that settlers and settlements are a violation of the provision under article 49 which states: "The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies", this is obviously an allusion to the German transfer of its own law abiding Jewish (and other) citizens to camps in Eastern Europe (ie Auschwitz) where there would be a significant diminishing of rights and benefits. The settlers have not been "deported" or "transfered" to their homes. They have voluntarily gone there and enjoy full rights. Arab refugees forced to leave their homes inside the Green Line in 1967 might be covered by this (though this is also questionable as most supported the Arab aggression), but settlements and their inhabitants clearly are not covered. Like them or not, settlements are simply not a violation of the Geneva Conventions.

The Geneva Conventions, created as a response to the horrors of World War II in an effort to bring some sort of humanity to the battlefield, have been hijacked by people with alterior motives. Israel must not continue to duck and blur these questions, but actively take back what is rightfully theirs. The Geneva Conventions are on our side."


Israel Shin Beit and Police Counter-Terror Unit detain top command of Palestinian Popular Front preparing to assassinate Jerusalem Mayor and launch large-scale suicide attack at Jerusalem bus terminus

Detentions since Thursday in Ramallah and Bituniya netted also senior Syrian commander from Popular Front’s Damascus HQ Yashak Amin.

He was picked up in Ramallah safe house with Hassan Satafta, head of Popular Front military wing

Satafta received operational orders from Front leader Saadat, ostensibly jailed in Jericho under British and American custody for murder of Israeli cabinet minister
DEBKA file

Misfired bias at the BBC?

Compare the BBC's excerpts from Sharon's speech with the more complete transcript on Arutz 7. The BBC edits out all of the remarks pertaining to Mitzna. This begs the question: what was the BBC aiming for? To portray Sharon in the best light, by making his speech look less controverisal than it was, or to portray Mitzna positively, by shuffling aside Sharon's criticisms of him? Probably the latter.

Concordia, Hillel, and the Foreign Enlistment Act: An Open Letter

Hi all,

This is my first ever blog post, though I've been lurking in your midst for a couple of months (I've made a few comments). Bear with me on the mistakes - I'm no computer guy. Hopefully there'll be more interesting content to come.

This post is a letter I wrote a few weeks ago regarding the Hillel banning at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Though the situation seems to be working itself out, I have still not seen anyone address one fundamental point: there is nothing wrong with advertising for Machal. Read on....

To whom it may concern,
Re:Concordia Student Union

Foreign Enlistment Act
S. 3
Any Canadian national, in or out of Canada, who voluntarily accepts any position in armed forces of foreign state at war with any friendly foreign state
Any person, regardless of nationality, while in Canada, induces any other person to accept any part in such armed forces is guilty of an offence
S. 4
Any Canadian national who leaves Canada with intent to join armed forces of foreign state at war with a friendly state
Any person, regardless of nationality, within Canada, induces any other person to leave Canada with a similar intent, is guilty of an offence


Many Canadians volunteered to fight and join the American army in Vietnam -a war without as clear a justification as Israel's defensive struggle for existence -with the blessings of our government. Canadians fight in the French Foreign Legion, and fought under the British Flag for many years -all well within the bounds of the foreign enlistment act. Indeed many Canadians have fought with distinction in the IDF since 1948, without so much as a peep from our government. Why?

I understand that many of you (especially at Concordia) will identify America and Britain (of course not France -have they ever done anything wrong?...Well, except for that whole Vichy thing in WWII right?...Capitulating to the Nazis was wrong... wasn't it?) as enemies of Canada as well. While this may be acceptable in your ivory towers, this simply isn't the case outside the castle.

You all can be against war in any circumstances and sight a long string of international conventions fromn the Kellog/Briand pact in the 1920's through to the Charter of the United Nations and the Uniting for Peace resolution of the 1950's that appear to outlaw the very concept of war (they don't). Read the preamble (the part before chapter 1)to the UN charter. Read it again. Read it ten more times.

To summarize... the purpose of the UN is "to reaffirm faith in fundamental human establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be ensure BY ACCEPTANCE OF PRINCIPLES AND THE INSTITUTION OF METHODS, THAT ARMED FORCE SHALL NOT BE USED, SAVE IN THE COMMON INTEREST".

Canada recognizes Israel's position on the front line for establishing the conditions under which justice and respect for international law can be maintained -a job that has unfairly fallen on Israel's shoulder's almost alone. Canada, does indeed often criticize Israel's tactics, but at the same time Canada certainly understands Israel's difficult situation, especialy in light of Israel's desire to abide by international treaties which their enemies do not recognize.

Israel, a true friend of Canada with shared core values (see freedom, justice, democracy, respect for minorities -even hostile ones) is not at war with any friendly state of Canada. In fact, Canada, an upstanding member of the United Nations should be encouraging those who wish to actively engage in deterring Canada's enemies, since Canada does not afford such opportunities with our weakened and depleted military.

Read the act above. Which "friendly" states of Canada is Israel at war with? Hizb'allah? Hamas? Al Qaida? The Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade? Wait a second those aren't states at all! Unfortunately, due to a strategic tactical decision to resort to terror and not peacefully negotiate resolution of disputes, Palestine is not yet a state either.

I understand that it might be uncomfortable to many of you who have invested so much time in the Palestinian cause to accept that your country, Canada, would do the exact same thing if it were in Israel's shoes -though probably without as much restraint.

I am sorry that the Machal 2000 brochure caused you some distress, but you went well beyond your rights in banning the Hillel organization - an international
Jewish Student Union that preaches tolerance, diversity and respect of all minorities (Jews included).

Your selective and misguided enforcement of "Canadian" values over this past year has unfortunately harmed the very integrity of your academic institution and all associated with it. I urge you to take a more measured stance in the future before you ban yourselves into obscurity and irrelevance.
Boy, am I gald I am not Blair...

Solana...blah, blah, war...Iraq, blah, blah,

...Difficult to justify...blah, blah, hard evidence...blah, only UN can, blah, blah, blah...(Via IBA radio).

From Yoel Marcus in Haaretz:

"In a normal country, the first thing expected of a prime minister suspected of bribe-taking, fraud and breach of trust, who is being questioned by the police, is to step aside, right then and there." I disagree: "suspected" is not the same as "guilty".

This is a good decision:

A panel of 11 Supreme Court justices on Thursday overturned the Central Elections Committee's decisions to disqualify Arab MKs Ahmed Tibi, Azmi Bishara and the Balad party from running in the January 28 election. The court also upheld the decisions to allow far-right activist Baruch Marzel to run, and to disqualify Likud candidates Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz and Moshe Feiglin.

This stinks, however. A far more reasonable thing would be for Mitzna to call a press conferense in response to Sharon's, and for the elections comission to give it the same amount of broadcasting time as Sharon would have gotten.

This is a transcript of Sharon's speech that was pulled off the air.

Time for a change the Arab world that is

Thomas Friedman in an editorial in the N. Y. Times finally gets it right.

Here's a prediction: In the end, 9/11 will have a much bigger impact on the Arab and Muslim worlds than it does on America. Lord knows, 9/11 has been a trauma for us, and our response has been to strike back and install better security. But 9/11 has been a trauma for Arabs and Muslims as well - a shock to their systems that ranks with Napoleon's invasion of Egypt, the creation of Israel and the 1967 defeat.

While the shock of 1967 was profound, it ultimately led to very little change in the Arab political or social order. Because the post-'67 shock was blunted by two factors: the existence of the Soviet Union, and Soviet aid, to cushion regimes from the need to reform; and the dramatic rise in oil wealth post-'67, which also bought off a lot of pressures for change.

Today there is no Soviet Union, and because of the huge population explosion in the Arab-Muslim world, there also is not enough oil wealth to buy off pressures anymore. At the same time, thanks to globalization, young Arabs and Muslims have a much better sense of where they stand vis-à-vis the world, and how far behind they are in many cases. Finally, because America was the target of 9/11, a refusal to face up to the local factors that produced the 9/11 hijackers runs the risk of a clash with the U.S.

He's got a point there.


Martin Peretz, in The New Republic Online, predicts a dark future for the Palestinians:
A wise Jerusalem friend speculated that the murderers now target foreign workers because they are the ones on whom Israel depends for the work once done by Palestinians from the territories. The Palestinian aim is to make the Filipinos and Romanians, Nigerians and Colombians, Turks and Thai, so scared that they leave. If my friend has divined an intention of the Palestinians, it is a mad intention. The intifada has not only brought current agony to nascent Palestine; it has guaranteed that economic misery will continue far into the future. In the coming months, a wall, urged upon Israel by many of its foolish doves and many of its foolish hawks, separating much of the disputed territories from the Israel-to-be, will be an established fact. When (and if) there is a peace agreement, the borders will not again be open for hundreds of thousands of Palestinian workers to share in the prosperity that will surely return to Israel. The peril of admitting an alien and hating workforce is simply too great. Edmund Burke wrote in his Letters on a Regicide Peace (1796), "War never leaves where it found a nation. It is never to be entered upon without mature deliberation." At what might have been the dawn of a real state, the Palestinians started this macabre war in a fit of delirium. The war has been and will remain, long past the day when agreed rules govern relations between Israel and whatever becomes Palestine, a calamity for their people.

Election News

This article from HaAretz gives some perspective on other issues of the election besides security, believe it or not, and opens some insight into Israeli society, such as the situation of the Druze and new immigrants.

The Scandal of U.S.-Saudi Relations

A petro dollar goes a long way

Daniel Pipes is right on the money.
Official Americans in Saudi Arabia bend to Saudi customs, and official Americans in the United States do so as well. And it's not just a matter of travel etiquette; one finds parallel American obsequiousness concerning such issues as energy, security, religion and personal status. The Saudis routinely set the terms of this bilateral relationship.

For decades, U.S. government agencies have engaged in a consistent pattern of deference to Saudi wishes, making so many unwonted and unnecessary concessions that one gets the impression that a switch has taken place, with both sides forgetting which of them is the great power and which the minor one. I shall first document this claim, then offer an explanation for it, and conclude with a policy recommendation.

After posing the question "What lies behind this pattern of obsequiousness?" Pipes goes to say that its not oil nor American tolerance but Saudi bribery that accounts for it.

The Saudi ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, helpfully hinted at an answer in a statement boasting of his success cultivating powerful Americans. "If the reputation then builds that the Saudis take care of friends when they leave office", Bandar once observed, "you'd be surprised how much better friends you have who are just coming into office."[35] This effective admission of bribery goes far to explain why the usual laws, regulations and rights do not apply when Saudi Arabia is involved.

This culture of corruption in the Executive Branch renders it quite incapable of dealing with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the farsighted and disinterested manner that U.S. foreign policy requires.

The massive pre-emptive bribing of American officials requires urgent attention. Steps need to be taken to ensure that the Saudi revolving-door syndrome documented here be made illegal. Read More
Thank God for Daniel Pipes. He has been banging this drum for quite some time. I hope the message is getting through to congress and they have the will to do something.

Ted Belman

Fear and Trembling

A call to arms

On October 22, 2002, Oriana Fallaci addressed an audience at the American Enterprise Institute. Following are short excerpts from her talk.

From Afghanistan to Sudan, from Palestine to Pakistan, from Malaysia to Iran, from Egypt to Iraq, from Algeria to Senegal, from Syria to Kenya, from Libya to Chad, from Lebanon to Morocco, from Indonesia to Yemen, from Saudi Arabia to Somalia, the hate for the West swells like a fire fed by the wind. And the followers of Islamic fundamentalism multiply like a protozoa of a cell which splits to become two cells then four then eight then sixteen then thirty-two to infinity.

President Bush has said, “We refuse to live in fear.”

Beautiful sentence, very beautiful. I loved it! But inexact, Mr. President, because the West does live in fear. People are afraid to speak against the Islamic world. Afraid to offend, and to be punished for offending, the sons of Allah. You can insult the Christians, the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Jews. You can slander the Catholics, you can spit on the Madonna and Jesus Christ. But, woe betide the citizen who pronounces a word against the Islamic religion.

The problem is that the solution does not depend upon the death of Osama bin Laden. Because the Osama bin Ladens are too many, by now: as cloned as the sheep of our research laboratories…. In fact, the best trained and the more intelligent do not stay in the Muslim countries... They stay in our own countries, in our cities, our universities, our business companies. They have excellent bonds with our churches, our banks, our televisions, our radios, our newspapers, our publishers, our academic organizations, our unions, our political parties…. Worse, they live in the heart of a society that hosts them without questioning their differences, with- out checking their bad intentions, without penalizing their sullen fanaticism.

[“I]f we continue to stay inert, they will become always more and more. They will demand always more and more, they will vex and boss us always more and more. ’Til the point of subduing us. Therefore, dealing with them is impossible. Attempting a dialogue, unthinkable. Showing indulgence, suicidal. And he or she who believes the contrary is a fool.”
Ouch! She sure doesn't mince words. If only the West will listening.

Ted Belman

Israeli restraint makes terrorism more likely

You wanna believe it

Jeff Jacoby writing in JWR insists on it. Here are some excerpts.

Israel reacted to Sunday's slaughter not with a devastating military assault on Palestinian positions but with mere gestures: Combat helicopters fired on a weapons factory in Gaza, Palestinian delegates were barred from traveling to a conference in London, and some West Bank colleges were temporarily closed.

But mere gestures are not going to wipe out terrorism, nor are they going to turn Palestinian hearts and minds against the terrorists. Mere gestures can only feed Palestinian contempt for Israeli weakness, and reinforce the conviction that violence pays.

In fairness it must be said that Israel is not entirely free to act in its own best interest. It is under intense pressure from the US government to do nothing that might roil the Arab world in advance of the American invasion of Iraq. But why shouldn't Israel be permitted to deal with Palestinian terrorism as the United States is dealing with Al Qaeda? Why should Washington's plan to oust Saddam Hussein and transform Iraq into a democracy prevent Israel from ousting Arafat and working a similar transformation of Palestinian society?

To demand "restraint" of Israel now, to insist that it voluntarily suppress its right to self-defense, is to make bloody atrocities like Sunday's not less likely, but more so. Like the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Palestinian Authority and the murderers it supports must be crushed. That is the plain meaning of the Bush Doctrine, and the essential first step to peace

Stupid posting of the week award: Palestine Media Watch warns about MEMRi. MEMRI merely posts what it picks up from the Arab world!The truth about MEMRI
picked up by Gabrielle Goldwater's Report: Insane Asylum Policy
Does Arafat have an American Insurance Policy??
found through Gabrielle Goldwater's Reports
A number of interesting news items in this piece. PLO council eyes draft constitution
This is not likely to endear Hamas to the U.S. Hamas Urges Iraq to Use Suicide Bombers Against US
Why one should oppose a second Palestinian-Arab state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza - Part 17 of 23

This piece continues a series of which the first 16 parts were posted on September 8, 9, 11, 17, 20, 22, 23; October 7, 24, 28, 29; November 6, and 26; and December 5, and 13, 2002, and January 7, 2003. (Alternatively, the previous articles may be found in the IsraPundit archives as follows: September 8, 9, 11, 17, 20, 22, 23; October 7, 24, 28, 29; and November 6 and 26; December 5, and 13, 2002; and January 7, 2003). The object of the series is to provide a database that is not only reliable and well-documented but also one for which documents are easily accessible, preferably from web resources. The term "second Palestinian-Arab state" is used in order to underscore that one Palestinian-Arab state already exists: it's called Jordan, and it is located in that part of Eastern Palestine that was originally to have been part of the Jewish National Home.

17. The record of the PLO and the PA suggests that they continually deceive and breach agreements. Even if a second Palestinian Arab state were created under restrictive terms, the record implies that the terms would not be adhered to.

Of all the arguments presented in this series of articles, the present argument is the easiest to substantiate. Indeed, selecting examples to corroborate the assertion that both the PLO and the PA are not to be trusted, is analogues to selecting water droplets while swimming in the ocean or selecting sand grains while on a beach.

In January 2002, AIPAC reviewed a series of pledges made by Arafat and his group, together with proof that these pledges were violated. The list reads:

Pledge: Renounce Terror and Prevent Attacks
“...the PLO renounces the use of terrorism and other acts of violence and will assume responsibility over all PLO elements and personnel in order to ensure their compliance, prevent violations and discipline violators.”
[Exchange of Letters, 9 September 1993]

“Both sides shall take all measures necessary in order to prevent acts of terrorism, crime and hostilities directed against each other...The Palestinian Police will act systematically against all expressions of violence and terror...”
[Interim Agreement, 28 September 1995]

“Both sides ... undertake to create an environment for negotiations free from pressure, intimidation and threats of violence.”
[Trilateral Statement, 25 July 2000]

Violation: Palestinian rioters, armed militia, and members of the Palestinian security forces have attacked Israeli civilians and soldiers, causing deaths, injury and extensive damage to property. Since the PA launched their violent campaign in Sept. 2000, they have killed 247 Israelis in more than 10,000 attacks. These attacks have averaged 10 to 20 per day.

Pledge: Apprehend and Prosecute Terrorists
“The Palestinian Police will arrest and prosecute individuals who are suspected of perpetrating acts of violence and terror.”
[Interim Agreement, 28 September 1995]

“The Palestinian side will apprehend the specific individuals suspected of perpetrating acts of violence and terror for the purpose of further investigation, and prosecution and punishment of all persons involved in acts of violence and terror.”
[Wye River Memorandum, 23 October 1998]

Violation: Instead of dismantling U.S.-designated terrorist organizations, like Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Arafat has negotiated a deal with terrorist leaders. The deal has resulted in a temporary reduction of terrorist attacks inside the Green Line and a promise from the PA not to arrest senior members of these groups. Arafat has arrested only low-level perpetrators of terror. Iman Halawa and Jassar Samaaru, responsible for the Dolphinarium disco attack that killed 23 Israeli teenagers, Kayes Aduan Abu-Jabal, responsible for the bombing of the Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem that killed 15 Israeli civilians and the murderers of Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze’evi, remain at large and continue to plan attacks against Israelis.

Pledge: Ensure that the PA Police is the Only Armed Force
The only armed Palestinians are supposed to be the PA police forces, and their total number is not to exceed 30,000, with 12,000 in the West Bank and 18,000 in Gaza.
[Interim Agreement, 28 September 1995]

“Except for the Palestinian Police and the Israeli military forces, no other armed forces shall be established or operate in the West Bank and Gaza Strip…”
[Interim Agreement, 28 September 1995]

Violation: The Palestinian leadership maintains, supports and encourages groups of armed militias operating in Palestinian areas, which attack Israeli civilians and soldiers. As of last year, the Palestinian police force exceeded the agreed-upon permitted levels by at least 10,000. In March 2000, the Palestinians provided Israel with a list of 39,899 policemen. According to a State Department report “elements of the PA security forces and Chairman Arafat's Fatah faction within the PLO were deeply involved in the violence. In particular, the Tanzim wing of Fatah and the Presidential Security force (Force 17) were responsible for a significant percentage of the violent attacks on Israelis.”

Pledge: Confiscate All Illegal Weapons
“Any illegal arms will be confiscated by the Palestinian Police.”
[Interim Agreement, 28 September 1995]

“The Palestinian side will establish and vigorously and continuously implement a systematic program for the collection and appropriate handling of all such illegal items [firearms, ammunition or weapons]...”
[Wye River Memorandum, 23 October 1998]

Violation: The Palestinian Authority has engaged in a prolonged effort to smuggle and manufacture illegal weapons to use against Israeli civilians and soldiers.7 Israelis have foiled attempts to smuggle arms nearly a dozen times. Counter-terrorism expert Boaz Ganor says that the recent Israeli seizure in the Red Sea of the Karine A, a ship carrying 50 tons of illegal, Iranian-made weapons, is “just the tip of the iceberg, and that the PA already has a stash of weapons.”
And if this year-old list is not enough, it now appears that the PA is actually manufacturing weapons in their territory. The ominous news was posted by IMRA, quoting an IDF spokesperson. The report begins with this paragraph:
Palestinian Preventive Security (PPS) set up a weapon-manufacturing infrastructure

A network of weapon-manufacturing facilities in the Gaza strip run by the PPS was exposed by documents captured during operation "Fortress Guardians" as well as through the questioning of PPS officer Yusuf Muqdad, who was arrested by the Israel Security Agency. Additional documents found indicated that a "strategic project" was underway to create a Nitric Acid production plant (used for the creation of explosives) and also to create a factory that would produce 400-450 mortar bombs a month.
The IMRA article then proceeds to provide details of both the operation, the information sources and the captured documents.

Sometimes, a seemingly marginal detail can tell volumes. This is the case of the PA renouncing those parts of the PLO Charter which expressly call for the destruction of Israel. Recall that in 1998, Arafat put on a play worthy of the Theatre of the Absurd, in which the PLO Charter was supposedly purged as required by the PA pledges; this was done in the presence of Clinton, apparently to lend it a measure of gravitas. In fact, here is what happened, as reported by the ZOA on October 9, 2002:
Yasir Arafat's "foreign minister" has acknowledged that the PLO National Covenant, with its many clauses calling for violence and the destruction of Israel, has never changed.

The 1993 Oslo accords required Arafat to remove from the Covenant all clauses calling for violence or the destruction of Israel. Thirty of the 33 clauses would have to be deleted to meet that requirement.

In April 1996, Arafat's Palestine National Council (PNC) - the only body legally empowered to change the Covenant - passed a resolution appointing a legal committee to consider the changes; but the committee never met. On December 14, 1998, Arafat and President Bill Clinton presided over a meeting in Gaza of Palestinian Arab notables - although it was not a meeting of the PNC-- at which the audience raised their hands to signal approval of a statement by Arafat claiming that the Covenant had already been changed in 1996.

But Farouk Kaddoumi, the "foreign minister" of the PLO, said in an interview with the Abu Dubai newspaper Al Bayan that, in fact, the Covenant still contains the clauses calling for Israel's destruction. In its edition of October 7, 2002 (, the newspaper reported [that] Kaddoumi "stated that the PLO adheres to its national charter, which includes clauses that call for Israel's destruction. It also reported that Kaddoumi "praised all types of military operations carried out by the Palestinian resistance fighters against Israelis."

Earlier this year, a senior official of the PNC publicly acknowledged that the no new version of the Covenant was ever issued. Zuhair Sanduka, the PNC's Director of International Parliamentary Affairs, told the Israeli news agency IMRA on January 23, 2002: "No other Charter [Covenant] has indeed been written since [1998]...There are publications that refer to the decision to make the amendments. But there are no other texts--no other paragraphs or articles in place of those articles that had to be canceled or amended. But there is the reference that there are articles that should be either canceled,
modified, or amended."
Thus, the PA pulled a fast one on the entire world, and particularly on Clinton (indeed, why should the PA be less successful than the North Koreans?)

Arafat’s ways of deceit were quite evident even while signing the Oslo agreements with Israel. Here is a typical Arafatism, quoted from p. 97 of Bodanski work,

Bodanski, Yossef. The High Cost of Peace. New York: Random House (Prima Publishing), 2002.

On February 9 [1994], in the middle of the signing ceremony, Arafat tried to cheat his way out of the agreement by only pretending to sign the map of Jericho. Peres caught him, and Mubarak forced him to sign. Whether Mubarak only scolded Arafat, as the formal version goes, or actually cursed him, as eyewitnesses insist, Arafat was not amused. Despite this omen, Israel committed to handing Gaza and Jericho over to the PLO authorities in the spring.
The title of “mother of all deceits”, however, must go to Arafat’s success in convincing the world, including some Israelis and too many US policy makers, that he has renounced violence in favour of peaceful co-existence. I find the acceptance of this myth by wily, experienced and erudite politicians mystifying because Arafat and his henchmen have made it clear time and again that in signing the Oslo Accords, the PLO was signing not a peace treaty but a truce to be broken at the first opportunity. The code word used is “Hudeibyia”, which refers to the truce signed by Mohammed with the Jewish tribe of Quraysh in 628 AD. Under duress, Mohammed signed the 10-year peace treaty of Hudeibyia but he violated the agreement two years later when his armies were ready; the Qureysh people were slaughtered.

The best known “Hudeibyia” reference was made by Arafat personally at the Johannesburg mosque. Following is Bodansky’s description of this incident ( op. cit., p. 109, bold fond added):

In May 1994, on the eve of his planned return from Tunis to "Palestine," Arafat took the opportunity of an invitation to speak at a mosque in Johannesburg, South Africa, to state his goals. In this address, Arafat maintained that he was forced into the peace process by the economic conditions in the territories following the Gulf War. But that was a temporary accommodation, he stressed, and in fact the Cairo agreement he had just signed with Israel was "the first step and nothing more than that" on the road to Jerusalem. "The jihad will continue," Arafat declared. "Jerusalem is not only of the Palestinian people, but of the entire Islamic nation .... After this [Cairo] agreement, our main battle is not to get the maximum out of them [Israel] here and there. The main battle is over Jerusalem, the third most sacred site of the Muslims." He urged his audience to join the Palestinian struggle. "You must come to fight, to begin the jihad to liberate Jerusalem, your first shrine." As for the agreements signed with Israel, "I regard this agreement as no more than the agreement signed between our prophet Muhammad and the Quraysh in Mecca," Arafat stated, using the same comparison that he had used a year earlier, on the eve of the Khartoum summit. "As the Prophet Muhammad accepted it [the Treaty of Hudaibiya] .... we now accept the peace agreement [with Israel], but in order to continue on the way to Jerusalem." Arafat told his listeners that the PLO needed them "as Muslims and as mujahideen," and he concluded by chanting: "Until victory, until Jerusalem, until Jerusalem, until Jerusalem."

The Johannesburg speech, along with other, similar pronouncements, left no doubt that as far as Arafat and his circle were concerned, no reconciliation with Israel - not even the acceptance of the very existence of Israel - was possible.
In August 1995, on the eve of signing Oslo II (later signed in September 1995), Arafat gave yet another “Hudaibiya” speech. According to Bodansky ( op. cit, p. 127), Arafat referred publicly to the Oslo agreement, saying

"If any one of you have any objection to the Oslo accord - well, I have a thousand objections. But my brothers, I would like to remind you of something. The Prophet when he signed the Hudaibiya accord ... Umar ibn al Kattib called the agreement 'the despised agreement' and asked, 'How can we accept such a humiliation of our religion?' But, my brothers, it is all the same with the Palestinian people."
In view of all the examples cited to prove that Arafat and his gang cannot be trusted, two questions arise. First, why do so many Israelis, Europeans and US officials still continue to court this mendacious terrorist? And second, why does Arafat throw caution to the wind and openly make statements that could so easily hoist him on his own petard?

The answer to the first question is rooted, to my mind, in the wishful thinking of those who court him; in the noxious tendencies of Western appeasement; in plain human stupidity; in the enthusiastic willingness of the world to sacrifice Israel for a few months of illusory peace; and in the skill the PLO/PA has shown in the art of deception.

The answer to the second question stems from the consequences of courting Arafat and the PA. They have learnt that they are made of Teflon, and regardless of what Arafat and the PA do, Israel will be vilified and they will be sanctified. The following description of Arafat’s attempt on Powell’s life is a good illustration of this conclusion. It is once again quoted from Bodansky ( op. cit., p. 537):

On April 5 [2002], during his meeting with Zinni, Arafat had made a special request--a personal favor. A police officer from a very important family in Gaza, a pillar of Arafat's power structure, had just been killed at Arafat's compound. It was imperative to get the body to Gaza for proper burial, Arafat pleaded. Zinni requested Jerusalem to make an exception to the siege... Jerusalem consented on April 7-8, and Islam demands prompt burial of the dead. However, the PA was not ready to dispatch the body until the evening of April ll - at about the same time Powell was due to arrive at Ben Gurion Airport.

Unbeknownst to the Palestinians, Israeli security forces were following the ambulance bearing the officer's body as it left the Ramallah area. Their suspicions deepened when the ambulance made a "wrong turn" and headed toward Highway 1 - connecting Ben Gurion Airport and Jerusalem - instead of taking the road to Gaza. As the ambulance was about to enter Highway 1, it was ambushed and stopped by an Israeli anti-terrorist unit. A quick search netted a huge bomb installed under the policeman's body and a martyr's bomb-web under the seat next to the driver. The two supposed Red Crescent medics told their interrogators that their plan was to park the ambulance near a bend in the road where Powell's convoy was bound to slow down. They would open the vehicle's hood as if they had an engine problem. Once the limousine got close to the ambulance, the driver was to blow it up, in the expectation that the convoy would stop and the security personnel would rush to investigate the explosion. Exploiting the confusion, the other "medic" was to run to the limousine, try to get in, and blow himself up either inside the limousine or pressed against its exterior. The Palestinians were convinced that even if he was outside the limousine, his bomb was sufficiently strong to at the very least injure Powell, Peres, and the other dignitaries inside. Although Arafat was certainly involved in the plot, given his insistence on transporting the dead policeman to Gaza, the Bush administration decided to proceed with Powell's mission as if nothing had happened. To save the United States embarrassment, Israel agreed to suppress reporting of the incident.
L’audace, toujours l’audace! Fact is: Even this incident failed to dampen Powell’s loyalty to the PA!

Note: If the foregoing account sounds too fantastic to be believed, note that Bodansky is “the director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional warfare”, as well as “a former senior consultant for the US Deparments of Defence and State”. Also, a similar account was posted on April 12, 2002 at WorldNetDaily, on the basis of a Debka report.

Per se, the fact that the PLO/PA are untrustworthy is not a reason to oppose the creation of a second Palestinian-Arab state. Rather, the PLO/PA untrustiness constitutes a response to those who contend that a sovereign Palestinian-Arab state will pose no danger to Israel and to the region provided that such a state is demilitarized and/or is limited as to the pacts it may sign with other nations. Surely, the incessant assurances by the PLO/PA that their ultimate aim is the destruction of Israel, compounded by their record of mendacity and perfidy, should be enough to convince any fair-mined observer to oppose Palestinian-Arab sovereignty!

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland. This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.

January 09, 2003

Here we go . . .

With the war on Iraq imminent, you knew it was only going to be a matter of time before the other Arab nations began firing on Israel to distract the world from Iraq and return it to the usual "the Palestinian problem must be solved before we do anything else" line. The Palestinians were the most obvious users of this tactic.

It now seems that Syria has begun.

TEL AVIV — Syrian troops fired on an Israeli military unit in the Golan Heights in the first such incident in years.

Israeli officials said Syrian soldiers opened fire on an Israeli commando force during a clash with infiltrators in the southern Golan Heights on Wednesday. The officials said Syrian soldiers entered Israel and encountered an Israeli unit in a border area where Israel, Jordan and Syria meet, Middle East Newsline reported.

The best tactic is for Israel to raze Syria to the ground. Notice the kind of respect that the Arab nations get from the West. Everyone thinks that they're insane, so they get the left's backing. Israel should do the same thing. If one Jew is killed by the Syrians, use the Air Force and hit Damascus. All the Arabs hit Israel because they know Israel won't fire back. For a better, more articulate, and certainly more fiery discussion of this tactic, read Amos Oz's In the Land of Israel. While Oz was a ridiculously left-wing Israeli, there's an interview in there with a settler. Incredible stuff, way ahead of its time.

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Jumping right into the 14th Century without hesitation. These guys are on the cutting edge of change. Iranian Soccer Stadium Lifts Ban on Women
Jaggi Singh: the good, the bad, the ugly

Canadian hoodlum Jaggi Singh has been arrested by Israeli authorities and awaits deportation. That is “the good”.

The “bad” is the fact that this troublemaker will probably return to Canada.

The “ugly” is, of course, the media spin. My hometown paper, the Ottawa Citizen, wasn’t too bad, informing in the first paragraph that:

Canadian writer and political activist Jaggi Singh was in an Israeli prison cell last night after two weeks on the run from police.
Mr. Singh spent his time campaigning against the Israeli army and filing e-mail articles and radio reports in support of the Palestinians. He defied military curfews, confronted soldiers and dismantled road, blocks. But his odyssey came to an abrupt end last evening when he was snatched from a residential street in Jerusalem by three undercover Israeli detectives and driven to the Russian Compound lockup in the centre of town.
But the bleeding hearts who run other Canadian media outlets used the incident to broadcast Palestinian-Arab propaganda. The Canadian Press, whose story ran in the Edmonton Sun and CTV, had this to report:

A Canadian human-rights activist who defied an Israeli court order to stay out of Palestinian territories was arrested by undercover agents yesterday, supporters say...
Chadi Marouf, a spokesman for the group, said Singh was transported to jail and held on unknown charges.

"This is a Canadian citizen in Israel who is being treated unfairly, picked up like a hooligan in the middle of the night," Marouf said in an interview.
I sure hope the Israelis did indeed “pick him up like a hooligan” - and keep him for a while “like a hooligan”.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.


Somehow, according to the Central Election Commission, Sharon defending himself is propaganda, but the original leak of an investigation into a loan right before the election isn't.


Orthodox, Hawks Blasting Joe For Remarks on Mideast Trip

I always thought he was overrated. I can't find the Boteach article on Leiberman, but I read it last week and loved it.

Election News from HaAretz

Likud has lost 14 seats in just a few weeks.

Likud drops to 27 seats; Labor at 24

As this article says, hopefully the voters will realize what's at stake on election day and return to the party.

Likud shocked by steep drop in polls

Following up on my earlier comments on Lapid:

The Lapid file - chauvinist, hater of the religious and Mizrahim, scornful of the poor

Compare Lapid to these reasonable suggestions:

Avoiding a religious Kulturkampf

You decide

Bret Stevens, Editor, JPost, interviews Avram Mitzna
By month's end, Amram Mitzna may well be known either as the man who led the Labor Party to its most improbable victory or to its most crushing defeat. Yet in an interview this week with Jerusalem Post editor Bret Stephens from campaign headquarters in the working class Hatikva neighborhood of south Tel Aviv, the 57-year-old mayor of Haifa betrays only confidence - and certitude. He is certain Israel must disengage from the Palestinians, certain he knows how to do it, certain he won't repeat the mistakes of Ehud Barak, and certain the majority of Israelis share his views, even if, at present, this doesn't seem to translate into votes. Yet he is also certain he stands a chance of winning.

Here are just a couple of the penetrating questions.

But can you negotiate with someone who violates agreements?

What alternative do you have? You negotiate. You didn't succeed once, you didn't succeed twice. You have to try again and again... I think the Palestinians today do understand what their situation will be if they continue: curfews, no school, no jobs, poverty, no humanitarian services. The infrastructure is ruined. And they were so close to gaining independence, to gaining the recognition of the entire world...

You often speak of every course of action having risks and opportunities. What are the risks of following your course?

We don't have risks, only chances. What are the risks? Take Gaza. We pull out of the settlements in Gaza, we put a fence all around and the risk is that Gaza will produce terrorism into Israel. The IDF will be free and flexible to go in and out as needed. There will not be the additional burden on its soldiers to protect the settlers. It is only an advantage, not just security-wise, but economically. We spend millions of shekels on infrastructure, on tunnels, on roads between sensitive places. Each family is costing the Israeli public a fortune. We have to prioritize our needs, our efforts and our emphasis.
Too confident for my liking.

Here's how and why the Palestinian violence will end

Steven den Beste writes in USS Clueless
After we take Iraq, it's virtually certain that there will be a revolution in Iran, and we will be much less friendly with the Saudis and will be much more forceful in making them cease to provide money to support terrorism everywhere (such as in Kashmir, as well as with the Palestinians). Saudi danegeld will end, at the point of an American bayonet if no other way. And if Syria doesn't collapse in short order, it will definitely make reforms because it's top-of-the-American-menu for the next gulp after Iraq. The US will be much better placed thereafter to make various Arab governments offers they pretty much cannot refuse, and part of that will involve a cutoff of funding for the Palestinians.

The flow of money won't drop to zero but it will be drastically reduced, and all the competing Palestinian groups will be seriously crippled.

On the other hand, to take Iraq we need at least temporary cooperation from several Arab nations and a vigorous Israeli response now to the Palestinian attacks could derail that. So the Israeli government has been practicing restraint, because it quite correctly understands that doing so is in its own long-term best interests.

Once the majority of the funding for the terrorist campaign has been cut off (including, one would hope, from Europe) then it leaves those organizations with far fewer resources with which to do good deeds. They will still be able to maintain the terrorist campaign, though even that will be reduced (for a number of reasons).

And as the situation for the common Palestinian continues to get worse, and as he sees Arabs continue to lose everywhere, then it will become apparent that Hamas and Hizbollah and Fatah and the rest are all arguing about who sits at the head of the table in the dining room of the sinking Titanic.

With a cutoff of foreign aid, and with Israel no longer restrained once the US has conquered Iraq and no longer needs Arab support, the plight of the common Palestinian is going to take a dramatic turn for the worse in the next few months.
I think so too, but he says it better.