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June 01, 2003

Woe is me.

The Israeli press is full of terrorism and defiance by the Palestinians. Arafat is still in charge and no one cares. No one is talking about disarming the terrorists. Its all about a temporary ceasefire and no one cares. The right of return is supported by 95% of refugees in recent poll and is not about to go away. Palestinian demands keep escalating. No Arab country or the Palestinians are prepared to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. And what does Israel do?

Israel keeps making concessions. A release of prisoners, mind you, not with blood on their hands, letting 25,000 workers into Israel, withdrawing from some towns easing travel restrictions and the list goes on and on. Don't want to make the Americans angry. Unbelievable. All I see is, Israel begging or groveling and the Palestinians demanding and cocky. And Americans deaf and blind.

And the latest concession is "Based on the recommendation of the security establishment, permission was granted to lift the full closure placed on the West Bank and Gaza Strip, beginning at 12:00am."

One thing is clear. Israel is in big trouble. Americans have prevented them from destroying the Palestinians and are forcing them to retreat from or abandon entirely all their red lines. No independent nation would deal with their situation as Israel is doing. They are being forced to emasculate themselves right before our eyes.

One wonders if they would have been better off to ignore world opinion and American pressure and just do it. Having given up that option it is left in the position of begging for peace and is willing to pay any price to get it. The irony is that it will never get it.

Israel will have to take a stand sooner rather than later.