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June 06, 2003

Why I love the road map -- really!

Don't be dismissive of this Jewsweek article by Richard L. Benkinbecause of its title. He makes a good point
Why, then, do I love the road map? Because the events of 2000 failed to make clear to the world what they made clear to us. So many in the press, on campus, in the streets still seem to think that something they call "the occupation" is at the root of the conflict. With the road map, the United States will be investing itself and its prestige in the belief that a negotiated peace is possible right now. And it is the U.S. that will be spat upon by the Arab rejectionists who refuse to live up to their commitments. In its ultimate failure, the road map could prove to be the same pivotal element for the U.S. that Camp David and Taba were for Israel and its friends. (We can hardly hope for the same understanding from the UN and EU!)

Peace? Certainly, that is our hope - but a true peace, not a hudna, or a temporary Arab agreement until they feel they are strong enough to pursue their true agenda. That would be a false peace. At this point, the trap of hudna seems to be all the road map holds.

As soldiers for justice, we can do our part by pointing out Arab duplicity - and Israeli efforts. We must point out the false moral equivalency in the press and in the State Department. We must guard against the falsehoods and red herrings we know that the Arabs and their friends will spew regularly to hide their duplicity from the American people. And we must never let the press fail to show the people the anti-American, anti-Semitic, and anti-Christian actions on the Arab side - things a real "partner in peace" would never do.

I love the road map because it again shows Israel's moral authority and Arab perfidy. To paraphrase what Victor Laszlo said to Rick Blaine in Casablanca, "This time, I think our side will win."