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June 02, 2003

Who is Tony Blair?
Stanley Zir and Phil Orenstein

[...]By making such a speech in front of the world, he had in essence declared that the Bush doctrine was null and void. He showed his ultimate contempt not only for Israel, but for liberty as well, by not even affording Israel the most basic consideration given to all allies who embrace democracy - full protection against terrorists attacks, and full support for any counter attacks, until they are totally out of harm’s way.

Instead, Tony Blair abandoned this doctrine and embraced a doctrine that gives approval for offering up the people of Israel and their sovereignty as ransom to extortionists, who promised peace and economic security in the world in return. To Blair, this was obviously a small price to pay considering the size of Israel and the size of the populations and nations that oppose her.

Here, Blair has made the ultimate mistake, because he bet on tyranny, and their lies, and now has put us all in harm’s way, by abandoning the use of the forces of liberty against the actions of terrorists, and the tyrannies that support them, as the only bargaining chip to bring about true peace in this conflict and in that region. Now, for the second time since World War II, the representatives of the British government have offered up Israel as the sacrificial lamb to the forces of tyranny.

Thus, the security of Israel became a tradeoff for Blair to gain the support of parliament for the war in Iraq. This put the United States in a very vulnerable position, for now they had to back Blair´s commitment to Arafat after the war in Iraq, in order to get full support from Blair´s parliament before the war started.

This is why you did not hear too much from Tony Blair when the discussions for the Road Map started, right after our victory in Iraq. That´s the reason he did not appear on the scene until the Road Map was accepted. He also did not want to appear in the spotlight until the clamor of the recent French meeting with Arafat died down in the press, and the dust cleared, for obvious reasons. But now, he is back and people are even thinking of offering him a Nobel Peace Prize.

This was how Tony Blair got his support for the war in Iraq, on Israel´s back, and kept it a secret. With this tradeoff, Blair opened the door to hell and now Bush is fanning the flames, by repaying the debt for Blair´s support in the war. Now, five months later, here is President Bush banging the same shoe as Blair did before him, but this time it is on Ariel Sharon´s desk and now Sharon is surrendering in fear of losing the Bush administration´s support.

Read this entire fine analysis to savor more fully the truth of the old term Perfidios Albion.(all emphases added)