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June 02, 2003

What, me worry?

As is plain to see, Israel has a lot to gain by this master plan and is betting that it will succeed.

In yesterday's post Could it be I raised the possiblity that Bush shouldn't be counted out just yet. I have come to the conclusion that there is a Grand Plan afoot that Bush and Sharon agreed to during Sharon's seven trips to the White House last year. That is why Sharon is going along with the demands of the US. We are in shock that such things should be asked of Israel and that Sharon complies.

This master plan included the abandonning of the outposts and the confidence building measures such as releasing many prisoners. We have been hearing from Sharon such things as "its time to divide the land", "some settlements will have to go", "a Palestinian state is inevitable" and the "occupation" is bad. Sharon long ago agreed to these things.

Bush's plans are quite different from Clinton's. Clinton left it to the parties to come to an agreement. Didn't work. Bush will impose a settlement as agreed to with Sharon.

In order to make Sharon's path easier in selling his Cabinet on concessions needed, they leaked that they gave him a list of sanctions they would apply.

But how can America accept Mazen and Dahlan, given their backgrounds, or use terrorists in the new security apparatus or accept a temporary ceasefire as sufficient to start "kicking the can" (Powell's words) down the road. The reason is that they are in charge.

On May 25th, Debka reported
When US secretary of state Colin Powell announced Friday, May 23, that a team of American “coordinators”, would be arriving in Jerusalem within a few days, he was speaking euphemistically. This team will be the nucleus of an interim administration to manage Palestinian areas where the Palestinian Authority’s administraton has been shattered by its terror orientation. This body will resemble the US-British team provisionally administering Iraq, for which Washington expects to eventually gain a similar UN mandate.

One outcome of this mandate will be to eliminate the European mark on the Israel-Palestinian peace process and the Palestinians’ future. This will be in keeping with Israel’s consistent rejection of the Palestinian demand for an international commission to monitor the Palestinian-Israeli peace. The only mediating or monitoring party Israel has ever accepted is the United States. The Europeans and UN are accused of pro-Palestinian, pro-Arab bias.
The same Debka article reports that Sharon was offered even more inducement than this including.
America’s systematic disarmament of Israel’s most dangerous enemies has been built into the Bush master-plan – Iraq first; shortly, an attempt to dissolve Iran’s nuclear weapons option (see separate article on this page), followed by steps to eliminate Syria’s missile systems and weapons of mass destruction and the Hizballah’s military capabilities. In the long term, Washington will almost certainly aim at cutting short the development of Egyptian and Libyan N-bombs.

The United States is sweeping all these threats from its borders without Israel needing to deploy a single soldier or fire a single shot. For this saving of Israeli military life and limb, no words can do ample justice. Without any expenditure of its own military and economic resources, Israel may find itself in three or four years liberated from all its next-door enemies for the first time in its history.
So how is the master plan going? America seems to have backed off with their threats and pressure on both Syria and Iran, but that doesn't mean they have been unsuccessfull. This often happens so that concessions by the other side do not appear to have been forced.

Syria has recently given a contract for oil development to an American company. The State Department has let it be known that they offered a half billion to Syria to get rid of Hezbollah and it was refused. Look for the offer to be increased and for Syria to accept. Watch for additional concessions over the coming weeks.

Russia has recently advised Iran that it would no longer supply Iran with nuclear fuel unless it agreed to intrusive inspections. It also invited the US to participate in the development of the nuclear facilities and the US turned it down. As the US continues to bring Iran to heel, it will have to decide whether to allow the Mullahs to remain in charge, as the price of a deal, or to insist that their power be significantly reduced. The Pentagon is for regime change from within.

So why is Russia cooperating so much. This is the big story. Look for Russia to become America's most important strategic ally (You heard it here first.). America did not punish Russia for its opposition to the US plans for Iraq as it is doing with France, and to a lesser degree, with Germany. The US and Russia have just announced collaberation on an oil pipelinge to carry Russian oil through the Bering sea to the US. They have much in common including a common enemy the Islamists, the war against terror, the oil and politics of the Caspian Sea and Afghanistan. Russia and the US make a great economic fit. Russia has an educated population and resources but is short of capital, whereas the US needs resources and has capital and know how. They have recently announced a signed disarmament deal.

India publicly suggesting a strategic alliance with the US and Israel. To further this along it also made peace overtures to Pakistan which America probably required. The US then allowed Israel to do two major deals with India. Keep in mind that India and Russia had a very close relationship during the cold war and Israel has a large Russian speaking population. It looks like a grand alliance in the making.