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June 05, 2003

Vehicles for Terror

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Israeli investigators have found that the British terrorists who carried out the deadly suicide bombing at Mike's Place in Tel Aviv on April 29 hitched a ride with an Italian journalist to gain entry to Israel from Gaza.

As a result of this incident and others, the IDF has tightened reporters' previously loose inspections at Gaza checkpoints; the International Federation of Journalists (representing 500,000 journalists in 100 countries) then criticized Israel for unwarranted "restrictions on media staff and foreigners entering the Gaza Strip."

Perhaps the IFJ's efforts would be better spent warning its members about terrorists' use of the media as a literal "vehicle for murder."

HonestReporting subscribers will recall that the Mike's Place terrorists also used the "non violent" International Solidarity Movement "peace group" as a cover, sipping tea with ISM members before commencing their mission. ISM members act as "human shields" to block IDF anti-terror work; a number have recently been arrested and deported by Israel.

The ISM has now been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Canadian MP Svend Robinson, for "the contribution of the ISM to advancing the cause of peace in the Middle East, to defending human rights, and to upholding international law."

If Yassir Arafat "merited" a Nobel Prize, why not the ISM?