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June 06, 2003

VDH for wars, NF for empires

"We may now be witnessing the most radical reshaping of the MiddleEast since it acquired its modern form(and many of its modern problems) in the wake of World War I. What the British Empire began, the American Empire may be about to finish."

So begins Niall Ferguson's THE 'E' WORD in today's WSJ opinion section. NF seems to become to history of empires (and what can be learned from it for the present moment) what VDH is for the history of wars and its lessons for today.

The WSJ piece, though short, is a comprehensive contextualisation of the "roadmap"+. If you are possesed by the map, you would not want to go on before reading it.

(This piece is basically a condensation of a more extensive one which appeared in the NYT Magazine on Apr 27).