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June 02, 2003

Values? Sure. Except for human life

Nasrallah rules out US deal to neutralize Hizbullah

hat tip to The Agonist
Hizbullah secretary-general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah rejected Sunday any bargain that involves the neutralization of the resistance in Lebanon.
Rumors had spread that US Congressman Darryl Issa was visiting Lebanon to offer the government some $500 million in US aid in return for neutralizing Hizbullah.
Nasrallah said the announcement was an “insult to Lebanon and its people,” and that “the weapon of the resistance is not for sale in the slave-trade market,” adding that the resistance was the symbol of dignity for a people whose children fought to earn a position in this world.
Nasrallah also condemned US President George W. Bush’s upcoming Sharm el-Sheikh summit with Arab leaders as well as other summits, saying that they aimed to improve the image of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
Nasrallah also denounced Arab leaders’ praise for Sharon in accepting the “road map” plan, saying Sharon had already undermined the plan by refusing the right of return for Palestinian refugees.