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June 04, 2003

Shrewd observations by Martin Kimel

Three very fine notes on the Middle East, Bush, and the current Road to ....?
BUSH IN THE MIDEAST. WaPo's Glenn Kessler has a fascinating, but disturbing, inside look at Bush's thinking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Can Bush really be closest to Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah? Is this another "look-into-the-soul" moment for Bush, when he forgets the serious failings of the foreign leader sitting next to him and ignores important policy differences between their respective countries? What exactly has Abdullah done to earn such high U.S. regard? Supported the U.S. investigation into the attack on the Khobar Towers? Stood side by side in the war against terrorism? Held talks with Israelis? Introduced democracy to his country? Allowed freedom of religion in his country? Come on, folks, help me out here.

* * *

"A few people, a few killers, a few terrorists." That's how Bush described the Arabs opposed to the peace process. What about the large majority of Palestinians who favored (and may still favor) killing Israeli men, women and children inside the disputed territories? And the substantial minority who favor killing Israeli Jews inside Israel proper? I've previously noted Bush's tendency to attribute Palestinian opposition to a Jewish state as the work of a few outliers, but this new statement, as explicit as it is and coming when it does, is truly awful. I hope that Condi Rice or someone else takes him aside and slaps some sense into him.

* * *

Locher's Cartoon. Bravo to the Chicago Sun-Times (second editorial):

The cartoon's message--that Israel's interest in peace is sparked, not by a desire to end bloodshed, but by American cash--is a lie that sails beyond legitimate comment into a baseless slur. We recognize there is a distinction between opinions critical of Israel and anti-Semitism. But wherever that line is, Locher's cartoon, with its hump-backed, balloon-handed, hook-nosed Jew, steps far over it. The cartoon is like a swastika painted on a synagogue door, an act whose hostility and use of the shunned symbols of hate dwarf any shred of legitimate meaning. Printing it was a callous offense against all Chicago.
And against all America. Locher should be fired, and the editor who ran the cartoon should be severely reprimanded