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June 07, 2003

Root Causes need help to grow

Does anyone ask "why does the KKK hate the blacks?"

Hatred, racism etc... are all taught, that is their root.

This the same with Islamicism.

The root is being taught.

Their cause is murder.

The root cause of terrorism is being taught to murder and its ensuing success.

Giving rewards for murder proves to the terrorists murder does pay, they are winning, they are right, and that they are justified to murder.

Teaching murder cannot be solved with rewards, the war on terror is not Northern Ireland.

The hatred being sown is far deeper and apolitical which no process can ever solve until this islamists theocracy is not being taught.

In Europe and especially Germany you cannot teach nazism.

When one cannot teach islamism we will be one step closer to peace.

Tolerating bad behaviour is not good behaviour ;so too tolerating intolerance is not tolerance.