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June 02, 2003

Rewarding terrorists, Chapter 735

June 1, 2003

As the noose tightens around Israel's neck, she is being coerced into more and more concessions. Today's [June 1, 2003] Jerusalem Post reports on a series of concessions, all painful to read even from a distance of thousands of miles. Worse still, the concessions parallel a trend of continued terror, with no sign that Abu Mazen is doing anything to reduce the violence. In a nutshell, Crime and No Punishment (with apologies to Fyodor Dostoevsky).

Concession news 1 - arch-murderer to be released

After 28 years, Palestinian killer of 14 released

A Palestinian prisoner with "blood on his hands" is among the 100 Palestinian prisoners slated for release in coming days as part of the confidence building measures Israel has agreed to make, a gesture to the Palestinians. Fatah member Ahmed Jbarra Abu Sukkar, 68, has served 28 years of a life sentence for his involvment [sic] in the refrigerator bomb attack in Jerusalem's Zion Square in July 1975, in which 14 were killed and over sixty wounded.

Concession news 2 - Israel caves in, likely to implement ethnic cleansing against Jews in Yesha

Sharon likely to call for dismantling settlement outposts

The issue of removing settlement outposts will likely be included in the declaration Israel will release at the Aqaba summit on Wednesday, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told the cabinet Sunday.

"It is very probable that the settlement outposts will be dealt with in the final declaration," Sharon said.
But Arab terrorism continues without Abu Mazen opposing it.

Report #1:

The foregoing JPost link notes at the article's end:

While preparations are going ahead for the summit, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told the cabinet that there has been no noticeable change on the ground in attempts to carry out terror attacks.

Mofaz, in his weekly briefing, said the terrorist organizations are trying to carry out attacks in order to disrupt the diplomatic process, and that with no preventive measures being taken by the Palestinians, these attacks are being foiled only by the IDF and the security forces.

Report #2:

Israeli gestures move forward despite terror warnings

The Shin Bet and security establishment have received 59 warnings of plans by terrorists to perpetrate attacks despite Israel's implementation of faith-building measures such as the lifting of the general closure in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip and the planned release of 100 Palestinian security prisoners in the coming days.
Meanwhile violence continued on Sunday, albeit on a lesser scale. During the evening a Palestinian gunman armed with grenades opened fire and threw grenades at soldiers near the Kissufim crossing. The soldiers returned fire and eventually killed him. There were no Israeli casualties. During the day, Palestinians fired three mortar shells at an Israeli community in Gush Katif. No one was wounded, one of the shells landed in a community hothouse, causing damage but no injuries.
Report #3

Mofaz: More soldiers deployed in West Bank due to terror warnings

[T]he army has sent more soldiers into the West Bank due to warnings of terror attacks, Israel Radio reported Sunday evening.
Mofaz added that in conjunction with lifting the closure, the IDF would boost its presence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in order to answer any terrorist threats.
Thus, far from reaping any benefit from concessions, Israel is in fact encountering increased hardship.