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June 06, 2003

Reflection on the Bali mass murder in the name of Islam.

[...[While Adolf Eichmann's defense was that he merely followed orders, that of the Bali bombers is that they responded to wrong inflicted on the Muslim world, otherwise known as the ummah.

Although the litany of wrongs is extensive, ranging from the Kashmir conflict to the Israeli-Palestinian quagmire, the Bali bombers were driven not so much by their ideological and religious bondage as by their inability to think even within the context of their own religion.

Islam affirms, for example, that the murder of a single person is akin to the slaughter of all humanity. Yet the Bali bombers, in their haste to indict, did not take this demand into proper consideration. Islam also affirms that mankind was created in different nations and groups so that all can know one another. The Bali bombers ignored this injunction as well.

It would be a tragedy if other Muslims, or for that matter non-Muslims, also believe that this sharia equates religious dogma and violence, for this is clearly not the case. If anything, the Bali bombers, not unlike Eichmann, have proved one thing: An empty mind is literally the devil's playground. In this context, all were guilty of sins of thoughtlessness.

Read this surprising piece in Asia Times. All may not be lost yet, perhaps.