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June 06, 2003

Post Aqaba; the verdict is in. Or is it?

Some columnists have pronounced the "peace process", DOA, dead on arrival.

Bottom line for Israel Harel in his article The same deception, the same delusion is "There will be no peace because even if Bush succeeds in forcing an agreement, the territory cannot support the two nations."

The Road Map to Hell in the Middle East by Robert W. Tracinski concludes with "This is the only road to peace: to abandon diplomacy and destroy the terrorists."

Others like Charles Krauthammer in "The unilateral surrender of Israel continues" concludes "Bush, having taken his friend Sharon to the cleaners, needs now to make sure that Abbas keeps his word.".

Mona Charen describes the reality on the ground in "Caution: Reality ahead" concludes, "No roadmap can erase that landscape".

Yet Neil Lochery presents the most interesting viewpoint in How a Mideast deal might take shape argues otherwise. I tend to agree with him.

In my piece, Could it be, I argued "[...] that Bush shouldn't be counted out just yet. I have come to the conclusion that there is a Grand Plan afoot that Bush and Sharon agreed to during Sharon's seven trips to the White House last year. That is why Sharon is going along with the demands of the US."

I then finished the argument in What, me worry?

Bottom line for me is that Bush wouldn't be trying if he wasn't sure he would succeed and Sharon wouldn't be so cooperative if he wasn't sure where he was going.