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June 01, 2003

Poll shows Americans favor more pressure on Israel to make concessions
A poll conducted by the University of Maryland shows a majority of Americans favor putting more pressure on Israel to achieve peace with the Palestinians, the Bloomberg news agency reports.

Sixty-five percent of those questioned would support withholding military aid to Israel and 63% would agree to halting economic assistance if Israel failed to take steps called for by the road map peace plan.

The survey found that 58 percent said they believe US President George W. Bush is in a stronger position to negotiate with Israel as a result of US success in the war with Iraq. It showed that 73 percent said the US shouldn't take sides in the conflict, while 54 percent said they believe the US favors Israel in the conflict.

The poll of 1,265 people was conducted May 14-18 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 to 3.5 percentage points.