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June 01, 2003

Place Not Your Trust In Princes

A warning about the Map from Isi Leiber of The International Jerusalem Post.Noting that Bush and the American people are strong allies, nonetheless, Israel will be dealing with others in working on the Map
Even were we dealing exclusively with the United States, vague warm words of good intentions would not suffice. But we are dealing with the Quartet.
And three of its members have a long track record of ugly bias against Israel.
The European countries continue to publicly pay homage to Yasser Arafat. The perfidious French consider the existing road map to be biased in the interests of Israel! The Middle East coordinator of the dysfunctional United Nations, Terje Larson, has a long history of anti-Israel bias. He even participated in the libel against the IDF over Jenin, insinuating that massacres had taken place despite knowing the truth.

So unless there are secret protocols protecting Israel's interests to which we cannot be privy, Prime Minister Sharon should have told President Bush that he was unable to proceed down a path which could jeopardize Israel's very future.
He was in a strong position to do so. Saddam Hussein's terror regime is no more. The US Congress carried a bipartisan resolution by a huge majority, urging the president not to pressure Israel into a road map that did not satisfy Jerusalem's priorities. The Christian lobby is solidly pressing the president not to coerce Israel.

Given the spate of recent terror bombings, US public opinion is generally sympathetic to Israel's case. Sharon consequently had no cause to "place our faith in princes" no matter how well intentioned or friendly they might be.
NOR DID Palestinian behavior oblige Sharon to placate Washington. Mahmoud Abbas's (Abu Mazen) brief record is outrageous. He made it abundantly clear that Arafat remains the chief Mafioso "For us," he said, "Abu Amar (Arafat) is the president elected by the Palestinian people, and we do not do anything without his approval."

Even Abu Mazen's inaugural speech, hailed for its moderation, reiterated that Palestinians have "fought with honor." Whilst conceding that violence "has not benefited" the Palestinian cause, all that he has sought is a temporary cease-fire within the Green Line, enabling terror groups to regroup and initiate a new offensive at a time of their choosing.

It all has an eerie déjà vu ring to it, a replay of when we resurrected the already marginalized duplicitous murderer at the end of the first Gulf War, brought him into our very midst from Tunis, and transformed him into a Nobel Peace Laureate.

Yes, the road map has all the hallmarks of Oslo Accords Mark II - compromises without reciprocity to be hailed by the Quartet, who will replay all the old themes of "moral equivalency" and "cycles of violence" to induce Israel into unilateral concessions. [more]