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June 05, 2003

Periodically the cry goes up. Israel must yield, relent, compromise and concede. Israel - always Israel.

Yet here is a country, a solitary democracy in an autocratic sea, created by the United Nations and warred against constantly by Arab regimes and their foot soldiers - currently the Palestinians. Israel has repelled every Arab attack, won every war - as well it must, for the first war it loses will be the last war it fights. And still, following every conflict and during the intervening periods of relative truce, world opinion demands that the Israelis give up, give in, and give back e.g. the Sinai, the Golan, southern Lebanon, the West Bank, and the very Jerusalem so closed and defiled during Arab occupation.

Maybe the reason for this abiding hostility to Israel is deep-seated religious or ethnic hatred. Maybe in those areas of the Arab world dominated by Islam, it's the Koran. Maybe in the Western democracies - even at their highest political, social and intellectual levels - it's an inexplicable guilt combined with an insidious anti-Semitism.

Whatever. When in history has the attacked so determinedly been required to compromise by yielding in various ways (land, security, settlements, right of return, sovereignty over Jerusalem) to the perpetrating vanquished - to give them through politics what they lost in wars they have waged?

A Palestinian state already exists. It is called Jordan. The vast Arab territories possess plenty of lands to set up housekeeping for the Palestinians - if the Arab regimes possessed the matching moxie (a moxie they demand of Israel) to relocate the Palestinians on those lands, and thereby to resolve the Palestinian "problem." But the Arab regimes neither offer nor provide such a solution because they prefer the Palestinians where they are - at the point of the spear and strapping on suicide bombs in their abiding war to eradicate Israel, and Jews, from the face of the Earth.

(This is from the pen of Ross Mackenzie . Worth your time).