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June 03, 2003

Pat Robertson: Road Map will bring Israel's demise

American Christian leader Pat Robertson has criticized US President George W. Bush over the road map, saying the plan to create a Palestinian state "will be the beginning of the end of the state of Israel as we know it."

Speaking on the Christian Broadcasting Network, which reaches millions of homes across the United States, Robertson said, "I think that the President of the United States is imperiling the nation of Israel. Not only is he going against the clear mandate of the Bible, which is very important, but he's also setting up a situation where Israel will no longer have secure borders."

Describing plans for Israel to give up land to the Palestinians as "insanity", he cited the Biblical book of Joel, which "speaks very harshly about 'those who divided My land'", a reference to the Promised Land.

Robertson added that Israel will be unable to defend itself against "a flood of Palestinians who will be coming in" as a result of the implementation of the road map, and said there is no guarantee that the Palestinians will halt terrorism against the Jewish state.

As the founder of the Christian Coalition and a former Republican presidential candidate, Robertson is considered to be one of the most influential Christian leaders in the United States.