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June 02, 2003

Open Letter from an Arab-American Student

A Muslim-American student stands by his country and defies the professors and Islamists who preach hatred of America
[...]In sum, we are taught to hate everything except that which seeks our annihilation.

The frontlines of this war stretch across the entire globe and into our classrooms, our homes, our places of worship, into every aspect of our everyday lives. But don't tell this to our tenured terror appeasers who hide behind the intellectual credentials that have been bestowed on them by the anti-American university system.

They have never known the humiliation of living under the iron rule of an Islamic despotism. I have. They have never tasted the cruel bitterness of forced silence in the shadows of a dictatorship. I have. They have never seen the face of evil. I have. For I was born and raised in Syria, the country enslaved by Hafez El-Assad. I was one of the fortunate victims of this tyranny because my family was able to emigrate to American a land of freedom. Yet in the free universities of this country legitimacy is bestowed on the very forces that oppress my former countrymen and I am instructed to be compassionate towards my own oppressors and to be hostile to the country that has liberated me.

I have had to witness the post 9-11 "teach in" sponsored by our university president's "Campus Environment Team" entitled "Understanding the 'other,'" which sought to place moral equivalency between America and the terrorists who attacked us. I have had to listen to inanities about the attack like that of a member of the university-sponsored Diversity Awareness Programming Board who said, " we must remember that 9-11 was about diversity too." I have been subjected to the humiliating prospect of the university's anti-American, anti-war poetry reading, sponsored by our English Department last April. I have had to watch our unversity president, Michael Crow, provide a platform for the former Swedish Ambassador so he could spill his anti-American bile before a university audience. I have had to listen to the Administration's guest Mary Francis Berry denounce the most tolerant nation in the world as a racist oppressor. I have had to walk daily by the mural plastered on the Memorial Union and sponsored by the university's "progressive coalition" and funded by the university itself which features a map of the United States with "Racist Nation" and "Bush is Racist" and "What about the Arabs" written across it.

This August I will be heading to Israel to study counter terrorism under a program hosted by the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy. I, a Muslim Arab was able to attend this program largely due to the gracious sponsorship of David Horowitz, a Jew. No multicultural sensitivity class made that possible. I will not stand idly by as our professors and our universities pave the road for terror's long march into humanity's last sanctuary of freedom.[more]