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June 06, 2003

Let the Civil War Begin!

Hamas Halts Truce Talks With Abbas

Because Hamas militants (terrorists) would not surrender but instead fought and got killed, Hamas has now called off any ceasefire. How will the PA deal with this?
Top Hamas leaders said today that the militant Islamic group was calling off cease-fire talks with Palestinian prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas, a move that poses a direct challenge to the current Middle East peace plan.

The statements by the Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip came a day after Israeli troops killed two Hamas members in a shootout in the West Bank.

It also followed criticism by Yasir Arafat, the Palestinian leader, of Mideast peace talks between Mr. Abbas and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel convened in Aqaba, Jordan, on Wednesday by President Bush.

Under the peace plan, known as the road map, the Palestinians are obligated to stop violence against Israel, and Mr. Abbas has been trying to negotiate a truce with Hamas and other groups responsible for bombing and shooting attacks.

Further talks were expected this weekend, but Hamas said it was calling off the negotiations with Mr. Abbas after Wednesday's summit meeting in Jordan.

At the Aqaba talks, Mr. Abbas, commonly known as Abu Mazen, called for an end to the ``armed intifada,'' or uprising.

Hamas leaders said they rejected this as a ``surrender'' to Israel, and they also cited the Israeli military operation against Hamas members on Thursday night in the West Bank village of Attil. The Israeli Army said it killed two militants and arrested a third when they refused to surrender.[more]