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June 03, 2003

Latest poll

The world hates the US and Israel

The Herald Tribune reports the findings of the Pew Global Attitude Project poll which are truely shocking
As for the crisis in the Middle East, in a wave of sentiment that bodes ill for the futureof the US sponsored Road Map to peace, Muslims lined up strongly behind the opinion "the rights and needs of the Palestinian peoplecannot be taken care of as long as the state of Israel exists."

The conviction that no way can be found for Israel and the Palestinians to coexist is strongest in Morocco (90 percent), followed by Jordan (85 percent), the Palestinian Authority (80 percent), Kuwait (72 percent), Lebanon (65 percent), Indonesia (58 percent) and Pakistan (57 percent).

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who chairs the Pew project, called these results "very disheartening, and very dangerous, frankly."