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June 04, 2003

Israel's "friend", President Bush

Commentary by Lee Kaplan, DAFKA National Director,

President Bush has finally shown his true colors regarding Israel's security and survival. In the past, he allowed Colin Powell to be the "bad cop" in the media as the nails in Israel's coffin were being lined up.

Yet all one had to do was see the signs:
-Bush fawning over Prince Abdullah at the Crawford, Texas ranch;
-Bush sending Abdullah to his own PR firm, Qorvis Communications, to spruce up the Saudis' "image" in the US after 9/11;
-and ,of course, let us not forget his personal intervention in allowing the Bin Laden family to flee the day after 9/11 without allowing the FBI to at least interview them.

Twice he warned Sharon not to exile the mass murderer Arafat.

His personal envoy, George Mitchell, cynically keeps talking of Arafat as the "democratically elected" leader of the Palestinians. Some democratically elected leader. (Hitler was also democratically elected.)

President Bush and Colin Powell rub elbows all the time with Prince Bandar, the Saudi foreign representative in the US. Despite proof that Bandar's wife sent funding to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars to aid the terrorists on 9/11, the President continued his personal relationship with the Saudis.

He has never uttered one word of criticism for Saudi funding of Hamas and suicide bombers. And why should he? He never once criticized the Royal Family for funding those who murdered 3,000 people in New York on 9/11. If he won't make demands on the Saudi Royal Family over Americans murdered, why should he over Israeli murders?

So Bush's acquiesence to the Road Map, which is really the Saudi's peace proposal of last year, is really the result of an ultimatum by Prince Abdullah to stop doing any business with the United States. MORE