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June 04, 2003

Israel Eases Restrictions on Palestinians in Advance of Bush's Arrival:Summary from multiple countries

Here is a summary, with (see title link) some 29 articles
Israel eased travel restrictions on Palestinians yesterday and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said he probably would dismantle illegal settlement outposts soon, as leaders prepared for a summit with SHEIK, Egypt President Bush aimed at ending 32 months of Mideast violence. (14) The Mideast peace summit (search) could yield a series of goodwill gestures and first steps toward calming the violence that erupted 32 months ago, ended peace negotiations and killed more than 3,000 Israelis and Palestinians. (16) The summit Wednesday in the Jordanian town of Aqaba will be the ceremonial launch of the '' road map '' to Mideast peace, a three-phase plan envisioning an end to violence and the creation of a Palestinian state in 2005. (13) In his first personal foray into Middle East peace talks, Bush pledged Monday to "put in as much time as necessary" to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians and help them live side by side. (3) Palestinians denounce violence and take concrete steps to prevent it, including revamping its security force and renewing security cooperation with Israel. (26) The United States accepts a Palestinian plan to persuade militant groups to halt anti-Israeli attacks rather than launch an immediate crackdown, the Palestinians said Saturday ahead of a three-way summit with Bush. (20)