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June 04, 2003

Is it ok to love the R.M.?
(Peace yes, Hudna no)

In a fine piece of reasoning Richard Benkin attempts to show the RM'S good side.The elements of his argument are these essentially:

The Arabs declare the "right of return" sacred and non-renounceable.

Israel for its part cannot recognise such right without renouncing its own existence.

In 2000 the Arab response to Israel'smbest compromise ,barring this recognition, is known. But the meaning of the breakdown must have escaped the attention of most of the world.

Engaging on the side of the US on the same path now, with world attention focused, would make the US expereience what Israel experienced in Camp David and Taba; the blockage of the road is due,ultimatly, to Arab rejectionism.

When this conclusion imposes itself, at least on the US, the search for the real road to peace will become truly possible at last.

Read the entire elegant argument here