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June 04, 2003

If the Arabs really wanted peace

They would do the following
1. Egypt would return its ambassador and warm up the peace. It would also prevent arms from being smuggled into Gaza like a good neigbour would.
2. Jordan would show Israel's flag at a peace conference in Jordan.
3. Arab countries would not refuse to be in the same room with Israel
4. Arab countries would recognize Israel and exchange Ambassadors.
5. Arab leaders would refer to Israel by name
6. Arab countries would all stop the incitement in their countries. Its another form of violence.
7. Palestinians would throw the bums out (I mean their corrupt leaders.)
8. Palestinians would reject violence and incitement.
9. Refugees would abandon so called right of return.
10. Arab countries would absorb all refugees.
11. Arab countries would recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

In other words, its time they offered confidence building measures.

I invite our loyal readers to add to the list in the comments. Then I will ammend the list.