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June 04, 2003

The Greatness of George W. Bush?

As a staunch Republican conservative, I am not a post 9/11 Bush cheerleader, but rather a fiscal conservative who strongly believes in the core Republican principles of low taxes, economic opportunity, gun rights and a strong national defense. I am not a lifelong liberal who has had a sudden change of heart, but rather a long time activist Republican. The state of shock and disbelief that I am currently in over George W. Bush’s stunning betrayal of Israel has put me in the very uncomfortable and unusual situation of actively and consistently arguing against a Republican president to the extent that I no longer support his reelection based on his current disastrous policies. My father and I have actually started to utter, almost beneath our breaths, that maybe Lieberman isn’t that bad. While I have certainly have been known in the past to shoot the occasional rhetorical attack over Bush’s bow, it was always done in the spirit of good fun with me getting caught up in the momentary spirit of a good rant.

It has only been since the events of the last few weeks that I realized that Bush truly intends to sacrifice Israel and that likely that was the deal he had made with the Saudis and others in order to pursue his personal vendetta against Saddam Hussein. While, as I have stated before, the Bush clan’s hostility to Israel is well known (and was the primary reason for the Oslo disaster in the first place), the first Olso was not enough to make me abandon the Bush Sr., as even I had some false hopes of a peaceful two state solution in those days, despite my personal distaste for such a plan.

The current plan, however, cannot even pretend to be anything but a clear recipe for the end of Israel as a Jewish state. The so-called “right of return” has all of the sudden become a negotiable point. This means that Israel’s very survival is now on the negotiating table. It has been placed there firmly by Bush himself surely with the knowledge that once put out it cannot easily be rescinded. Of course there is also the minor point of the thousands of civilian causalities that are sure to result by placing a fully militarized PLO terrorist state within a few miles of the major Israeli population centers. Unfortunately there can no longer be any doubt that Bush has considered this outcome and has decided that he is willing to sacrifice Israel for what he perceives to be a stable (and profitable) Middle East, acting hand in hand with his longtime family friends and business partners the House of Saud. I am sure he believes the positive economic benefits of such move will propel him into another term.

It now seems like a very long time ago that I actively enjoyed saluting Bush and his Iraqi initiative smugly certain that he and Sharon had cut some sort of deal for Israel’s benefit. I truly believed that the Road Map was nothing more than empty words coming out of Ari Fleisher’s mouth intended to generate goodwill with potential US allies for the war in Iraq. I joined in cheering the “War on Terror” believing that Bush was a man of principle intent on making a positive change in the Middle East and fighting against the Islamic fundamentalist terrorism that threatens both the US and Israel. Now when I see Bush on my TV screen I look away in disgust as if being faced by a mortal enemy desperately fighting for my destruction.

The other day I saw Bush at Auschwitz and I shuddered over the Orwellian irony of his statements there, considering the fact that he is in the process of destroying the only thing that provides Jews any sort of security against the next holocaust, the State of Israel. It is with a very sad heart that I write this as I had such high hopes for the future only a few months ago after the right-wing election victory in Israel. Now all I see is the bleak reality of a betrayal, the magnitude of which is only now becoming clear. When I look at the IsraPundit Selected Articles and see the “The Greatness of George W. Bush,” an article that I heartily agreed with when it was written, I now feel the sort of sad disillusionment that is almost difficult to put into words. I fear that the article will soon have to be replaced with the epitaph for the State of Israel and the Jewish people, G-d forbid.