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June 07, 2003

Dahlan denies report of PA program to buy illegal weapons

[...]The Palestinian Authority ministry of interior is preparing to receive European and U.S. police equipment to rebuild a strong Palestinian police force, interior sources said Thursday.

The sources said that the aim of receiving such police equipment is to rehabilitate the different Palestinian security apparatuses for implementation of the security requirements in the so-called roadmap peace plan.

The equipment is to include jeeps and special vehicles to disperse riots, shields, light pistols and helmets, adding that the equipment is waiting at Israeli passages to be allowed into the Palestinian territories.

An intensive movement of police forces was seen in the streets of several Gaza Strip areas still under the control of Palestinian Authority security forces, where joint patrols of different security agencies were seen moving around in Gaza.

Palestinian security sources said that several security apparatuses recently began intensive training course to suppress violence, adding that training courses were given to qualified and professional police officers.

Well-informed security sources said that there are preparations to build up a new Central Security Force, adding that officers in the force are being prepared to handle riots or civil disturbances.

The sources said that the force would have special uniforms and special weapons and equipment from both Europe and the United States.