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June 02, 2003

The child is father to the man

The Winning Entries in the Palestinian Authority's Children's Letter Writing Contest

IMRA presents winning samples of letters written by children to Arafat for contest. Filled with hatred
The Palestinian Authority [PA] Education Ministry has announced the 10 first place winners from among one million letters submitted in a children's letter writing contest. What is evident from the PA selections is that the PA Education Ministry continues to promote hatred and violence as values for Palestinian youth.

The ten winning letters all deal with the conflict, and promote hatred and killing. Not one promotes peace with Israel. The themes include longing for Israel's destruction, desire to kill Israelis, and hatred of the US. Israelis are defined as the enemy, Israeli soldiers are depicted as taking bottles of blood of murdered children, and Israel PM Sharon is vilified.

It is very indicative of the foundation of PA education, that the very first letter cited is entitled "I will yet return to Lod - a letter to my enemy" in which the Palestinian child writes: "You do not deserve Lod, and after this day I will no longer accept the small pool [instead of the Sea at Jaffa]." Honoring the refusal to accept Israeli sovereignty over its cities Jaffa and Lod is teaching Palestinian children that Israel's destruction is a legitimate and reachable goal.

Comment: If among the million of letters submitted, peace promoting themes were present and yet the PA leadership refused to include even one among the winners, it means the Palestinians are continuing their hate education. On the other hand, there was not even one peace-promoting letter it is equally disturbing, as an ominous warning of how successful the PA education has been in creating a generation dedicated to hatred of Israel. PMW has noted repeatedly that the PA education to hatred and violence, has been an accurate indicator of PA goals and behavior in the past.

The following are the letters as they appeared in the official ad published by the Palestinian Authority in the daily, Al-Quds.
Sample some letters [more]