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June 04, 2003

Caroline Glick is not impressed

[...]In exchange for Arafat's promises in 1993 regurgitated in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998, Israel gave Arafat land, allowed him to import his legions from the Palestine Liberation Army, and set up a terrorist enclave in the heart of Israel armed by Israel and trained by the CIA. Arafat pocketed Israel's concessions and went to war.

Today, Abbas, who offered less, is rewarded by Sharon's commitment to Palestinian statehood and his promise to immediately begin expelling Jews from outpost communities.

There is no doubt that President Bush means well in his efforts. His genuine hope for peace in the Middle East literally dripped from every word he uttered on Wednesday. And yet, like all his predecessors, he is doomed to fail in his mission because, like them, he is basing his policy on a lie.

That lie that Israel has done something to warrant Arab rejectionism and aggression is necessary if one wishes to continue to truck with Arab autocracies whose subjects continue to engage in virulent hatred of everything the US stands for, including its friendship with the Jewish state.For the sake of the peace process, it is much easier to find a Jewish scapegoat on which to pin the blame for Arab and Muslim rejection of Israel.

And so the settlements in the long term and the outposts in the immediate term are singled out. It is far easier to demonize agronomists and rabbis than deal with the single-minded hatred of the Arab world.

And so, in the aftermath of Aqaba we again catch a whiff of the sweet ambrosia of duplicitous peace processes. The road map is a lie, of course. Outposts are its red herring. But no matter. Men like Shibi Drori and Boaz Melet will soon regale us with their televised protests at being evacuated from their homes.

The press will portray them as crazies, alienated from right-thinking Israelis. Arab leaders will say that these expulsions are insufficient and they cannot possibly move forward on fighting terrorism or recognizing Israel given Israel's intransigence.

The US will continue to update its terror alerts daily, Israelis will continue to be butchered. But the peace process will go on.