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June 06, 2003

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) distorts

On June 5, 2003, CBC's Anna Marie Tremonti broadcast a piece that included the well-known distortion of Paul Wolfowitz's text. I received a copy of the following letter, which was sent to the CBC.
June 5, 2003

Dear Ms. Tremonti,

The statement you attributed to Paul Wolfowitz, that the war in Iraq was all about oil, has been all over the internet, as misconstruing what he in fact did say during an interview.

Perhaps your misinformation about his remark came from The Guardian or Independent, both of which published this slander. Both these sources took a statement made by Wolfowitz and joined phrases out of context. You certainly did not go to the source.

Wolfowitz made his comment during a Q&A at the IISS Asian Security Conference: "The difference between North Korea and Iraq is that the United States could not use economic pressure to strangle Hussein's regime because the country floats on a sea of oil'. North Korea, by comparison, is near economic collapse and that offers a major point of leverage".

I accidentally heard your program this AM, as I was a captive audience in someone's automobile. Your unprofessional standards (in this case relying on secondary sources which have in themselves a built in agenda) and blatant biases are only two reasons I have ceased listening to CBC.

Roslyn Molinoff