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June 05, 2003

Bush plays biggest role since Truman in Middle East dispute

This article by Jay Bushinsky seems to tell us not much we have not learned in the past two days. But note this extract!
[...]Bush raised one of the bitterest aspects of the Jewish-Arab conflict when he repeated his dedication to "Israel's security as a vibrant Jewish state." The deliberate implication of those words is that the United States sides with Israel in opposing the return of Palestinian Arab refugees--their sympathizers say there are 6.3 million of them--to the cities, towns and villages they fled in 1948. Political insiders in Israel contend that Sharon virtually dictated that passage to Bush and made acceptance of the road map conditional on the public enunciation of those words.

Consciously and deliberately, Bush led the United States into an unprecedented involvement in Middle Eastern affairs, expanding his armed forces' control of Iraq to include monitoring of Israeli and Palestinian adherence to the road map's political and geographical guidelines.

Not since President Harry Truman embraced the UN General Assembly's decision to partition Palestine into adjacent Jewish and Arab states has an American chief executive played such a crucial role in trying to wind down the centuries-old dispute between Jews and Arabs over the Holy Land. [more]