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June 03, 2003

Bush: Palestinian state must have 'continuous territory.'

A reader writes in:
After listening to statements by Bush and Mubarak I find quite suspicious they Both used the same sentence in closing remarks: "Stop terror despite justification or motives!" This most certainly implies that palestinians had JUSTIFICATION and or MOTIVES! Identical sentences by both Mubarak and Bush confirms that palestinians had justification and motives to intentionally annihilate my people! (even though they must stop now......). I am outraged.

Also, Bush never called Israel, a Jewish state. The tone of his support for Israel's security and other matters were obviously left out. We must take arab sensibilities into account, after all! Forget the sensibilities of Jews.

Those arabs he calls close friends and allies have him by a part of his anatomy I would refer to not mention. Bush better wake up to this fact, that all the road maps in the world will not amount to anything
unless his so-called close arab friends and allies accept Israel as a Jewish State (which they never will).
And this by the way is only the beginning of what the arab world must change in regard to Israel.

Without a doubt they must go much further then mere cosmetic change or empty words and promises. What road-map must they adhere to and who will monitor them?