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June 07, 2003

Better (26 years) late than never

JPost reports today, June 7, 2003:

The Israel Project produces new pro-Israel ads for US market

Starting this week, The Israel Project will begin running 30 second TV spots in the Washington D.C. area that will feature Israeli mothers calling for an end to terror so that both Israelis and Palestinian can live in peace.
Since its inception, IsraPundit has been calling for Israel's PR to wake up, and I am delighted to see that at long last something IS happening on the PR front. We don't have a sample of "experimental Israels" and "control Israels", so it's difficult to prove that had The Israel Project started in 1967, then Israel's image would not have been tarnished to the point of making it all to easy for Israel's enemies to gang up on her, as the EU is doing. Nonetheless, even without a clinical trial setup, this is indeed my firm belief, and just as I lament that Israel ignored the PR front for 26 years, so do I welcome the change that seems to be taking place.

In this connection, I once again reiterate the need for a co-ordinating hand to render more efficient the efforts of score bloggers (e.g., IsraPundit, LGF), scores of non-blogger sites (e.g., ZOA, Hasbarah), scores of organizations (e.g., ADL, Christian Friends of Israel) and scores of individuals (e.g., Tom DeLay, J Kirkpatrick). Pro-Israel advocacy efforts are spread too thinly and redundancy abounds.

P.S. I would ask readers who watch US TV to report on the Israel Project ads when they see them, so that those of us who do not watch US TV may hear eye witness impressions (IsraPundit's visitors include readers from several countries outside of the US). Articles, comments and e-mails are welcome.