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June 04, 2003

The Beginning of the End

I am watching FOX News in stunned disbelief as the onsite reporter in Jerusalem just announced that the protesters in Zion Square protesting the Road Trap are “not indicative of the majority of Israelis.” The reporter said it with the sort of tone usually reserved for reporting on a Hamas rally. Sadly it becomes more and more clear that the rift between the pro-Israel crowd and the pro-Bush crowd is becoming deeper. Pro-Israel viewpoints are beginning to be treated on FOX with the same derision as pro-Hussein viewpoints a few months ago.

It becomes more and more clear that Israel and by extension all Jews are the next target in Bush’s “War on Terror” with FOX News cheerleading the administration as usual (feel free to point out that I was happy for them to lead the cheering just a few months ago as I readily admit this). The reporting on the rally is being done in the manner of reporting on a dangerous radical group that has been rightfully targeted for elimination. The reporter derided the protesters as “radical settlers” who are only a tiny minority of the population. The problem is, of course, is that the protest was in Jerusalem. Apparently Jerusalem is now considered a “settlement” and its Jewish residents “settlers” under the new talking points directives being issued to FOX by the Bush administration. The time has now come to marginalize anybody who objects to the destruction of Israel through the “right of return.” While Bush actively cozies up with the Saudis and the PLO in Aqaba, the pro-Israel crowd is being labeled as “dangerous radicals” by the powers that be.

While this may seem like an isolated incident by an inexperienced reporter who may have misunderstood the latest talking points directive, when taken in the context of the events of the last two weeks it certainly seems to foretell of a dangerous shift in the prevailing winds. With the administration against us and the right wing media following in lockstep behind them it certainly feels as if this may be the beginning of the end of the dream of a secure and viable Jewish state.