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June 02, 2003

Arafat tells kids to die on International Chilren's Day

Hat tip to Christian Action for Israel for pointing out this IMRA piece. This post and the one beneat it says all you need to know about Arafat, education, and the future for peace in the region
Israel Television Channel Two News correspondent Ehud Yaari showed a tape
this evening of the meeting Yasser Arafat held in Ramallah with children to mark International Children's Day.

Arafat devoted his remarks to encouraging the children to be "shahid" (die for the cause), noting that one shahid who dies for the sake of Jerusalem has the power equal to 40 of the enemy dying.

Yaari noted that Arafat said nothing in his remarks about peace or reconciliation.

Many in Israel do not expect anything Arafat says or does to have an impact on the standing of Arafat's junior partner, Abu Mazen, vis-a-vis the Americans. In fact, paradoxically, the more active Arafat is in calling for
terror and violence - and even organizing terror attacks, the more Abu Mazen will be seen by the Bush team as a victim of Arafat who must be supported by Israeli concessions so that one day he can finally dethrone Arafat (and in
the meantime to be treated with compassion - expected only to make some statements and photo-opportunities).

While the above scenario completely contradicts Mr. Bush's "vision", it would appear that the Bush team has locked onto Abu Mazen come-what-may.

And Abu Mazen knows it, as does his boss - Yasser Arafat.