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June 05, 2003

"All quiet" on no front

January 4, 2003

For the record: A report on how Abu Mazen's promises are translated into facts on the ground.

On Wednesday June 4, 2003, in Aqaba, Abu Mazen uttered brave words about curbing terrorism. Meantime, on the ground...

1. JPost article dated 5 June 2003, headline: "Defense officials to discuss removal of "unauthorized" outposts"
Palestinians opened heavy fire at IDF troops in two separate incidents Wednesday night. Palestinians fired on troops west of Jenin in the West Bank, and also on troops guarding the settlement of Kfar Darom in the central Gaza Strip.
Note the contradiction between the headline and the part of the report which is cited. This is exactly what the RoachMap means: Israel makes concessions, Arabs continue terror.

2. Another JPost news story, June 5, 2003, headline: "Despite summit, dozens of terror warnings"
Israeli police and security forces were on alert Wednesday, citing dozens of warnings of terror attacks, as Palestinian and Israeli leaders met in Jordan with US President George W. Bush to launch a new Mideast peace plan.
In other incidents Wednesday, the military said soldiers found and destroyed a rocket in the West Bank city of Hebron, and Palestinians fired a rocket at an Israeli settlement in Gaza. No one was hurt.

Troops returned fire in both instances and no injuries were reported in either attack.
3. A third JPost report, 4 June 2003:
Palestinians attack troops in Gaza Strip and West Bank

Shots were fired at soldiers near Nizlat Zeid west of Jenin in the West Bank Wednesday night. No one was wounded in the attack.

In the Gaza Strip a mortar shell was fired at an Israeli community in the southern Gaza Strip, no one was wounded and no damage reported.

Several grenades were thrown at soldiers near Rafah, the soldiers returned fire.
4. A fourth report from JPost, 4 June 2003
IDF arrests dozens in Hebron, wrecks 3 terrorist homes

In an anti-terror sweep in the West Bank town of Hebron Wednesday, IDF soldiers arrested dozens of suspects and wrecked the homes of three Tanzim terrorists in a nearby village, media reports said.

To the north, soldiers clamped a curfew on the West Bank city of Jenin, due to intelligence warnings of plans to launch a terror attack against Israel from the area. Jenin is a hotbed for Islamic Jihad and has been the point of origin of numerous suicide bombers in the past.
All this, and the terror to come, are of little consequence to Bush; for Bush, you see, is committed to fighting terrorism everywhere, and Bush is also the best friend Israel has ever had. Right.

5. Also see in this context an IMRA article entitled:
ZOA - Abu Mazen's Media Still Inciting Hatred and Violence