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May 22, 2003

ZOA Petition Against the "Roadmap"

Dear President Bush:

We are deeply troubled by the proposal, in your 'Road Map' plan, to create a Palestinian Arab state.

Since the Palestinian Authority actively promotes a culture of anti-Jewish and anti-American hatred and violence in its media, schools, summer camps, religious sermons, and speeches, a Palestinian Arab state will inevitably be a terrorist state.

The Palestinian Authority's new Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is continuing Yasir Arafat's policies. Mazen has not outlawed terrorist groups, disarmed them, or extradited them to Israel for prosecution. He has not even ordered the changing of the names of the many streets and squares that are named after terrorists--including the main square in Jenin, which is named after Ali Na'amani, the Iraqi suicide bomber who recently murdered four Americans.

To give the Palestinian Arabs a sovereign state would endanger America's ally, Israel. It will also undermine America's war against terrorism, by sending a message to terrorists everywhere that their violence will reap political and territorial concessions.

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