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May 27, 2003

Why the road map doesn't scare us

Too long to quote, but here, a few excerpts that will, I hope, get you to read the piece in full
...Meanwhile, the U.S. administration and Israel's government are clearly in synch on the war on terror, and its ramifications both in the Middle East and globally. We think that the free world must win the War on Terror, and that it is a good thing that America and Israel are natural allies.

We do not lose sleep at night when we realize who it is that governs the Jewish nation. Ariel Sharon and Shaul Mofaz handing Israel's security, Bibi Netanyahu handling the dismantling of Israel's monopolies and 'combina' culture, and Silvan Shalom handling foreign relations.

Israel has put forward a management team capable of handling a combination of security and economy crises.

And it is Israel's center-right "dream team". If anyone can cut a deal that the people can support, this is the team, and everyone knows it
[...]In other words, Israel will most likely keep navigating as best as possible along the road to peace. Now it is just up to the Palestinians to decide whether they want to end up as a footnote in history or as a nation.