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May 02, 2003

Why is this permitted.

Where is the Canadian Government?

The “Islamic Scholars” section of a Canadian web site for children called Play and Learn contains a biography of terror gang Hizb'Allah’s Ayatollah Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah—with a vicious anti-American, anti-Israel diatribe:
Politically, my primary objective is to see the Islamic revolution in Lebanon brought to fruition. The newly dissolved and recreated Lebanese government, led by men like Hrawi, Berrih, and Jumblatt, is clearly an obstacle in the path to revolution, and I believe that this government has been put together by imperialist Americans hoping to achieve their own ends in the Middle East. The United States and Israel are full partners in a war against the people of the Middle East. Therefore, we must secure their departure from Lebanon as a precursor to Israel's obliteration from existence, and as the first step towards liberating our people from the talons of Western imperialism. Only then may we begin to construct a political system favored by the people based upon the teachings of the holy Quran.

All those who seek peace with Israel are traitors to our cause, including the treasonous Yasir Arafat. We reject the accords signed between Israel and the PLO, just as we have rejected Camp David, the Fahd, Fez, Reagan, Brezhnev, and French-Egyptian plans, and any other plan that offers even tacit recognition of the Zionist entity.

"Land for Peace" is a betrayal of Palestinian blood and of the sacred cause of Palestine. Arafat, just like Israel, America, and the rest of the Western world stand in our way of revolution. So too, the secular government in Lebanon stands in our way. So too the Amal with its Syrian ties and secular orientation. The latter two have gone so far as to combat their kin, the Palestinian refugees in Beirut, during the camp wars of the mid-80's. We stood up for our people then, as we do now, while traitors like the Syrians strive for accords with the Zionists and imperialists.
And this on a Calgary Islam web site considered mainstream
"The peace between the leader of the Muslims in Palestine and the Jews does not mean that the Jews will permanently own the lands which they now possess. is obligatory, when we have the ability, to fight the Jews until they enter into Islâm or give the jizyah (a tax levied tram those who are permitted to live under the protection of a Muslim state) in servility."

"...So all of this is with regards to when one is unable to fight the disbelievers, or unable to make them give the jizyah.... However, when one does have the power to fight Jihâd against them, then what is required is to call them to enter into Islâm, OR BE KILLED, or to pay the jizyah (emphasis mine). In this case it is not permissible to seek peace with them, nor to abandon fighting and the jizyah. Rather, seeking peace is allowed when there is a need or necessity."
Why does our government in Canada permit this.