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May 30, 2003

Why I find it difficult to shed a tear

Commentary on three of today's news stories.

1. AP reports:

3 Killed in Bus Station Blast in Chechnya

A radio-controlled land mine exploded at a bus station Friday in the Chechen capital Grozny, killing at least three people, officials said.
Earlier this month, two separate suicide attacks in Chechnya killed at least 78 people.
For much of its 3 1/2-year duration, the latest Chechen war has been marked by near-daily reports of rebels killing Russian soldiers and the army hammering rebel positions with bombs and heavy guns, with neither side appearing to gain strategic advantage.
If Russia believed that her persistent anti-Israeli position would reduce the terrorist campaing against her, then Russia must be sorely disappointed. But Russia is part of the Quartet, the Roadmap Experts [TM]. I'm sure that Russia can marshal the Quartet expertise to draft a Roadmap out of Chechnya. And I'm sure that Russia will accept Powell's advice to "show restraint" in Russia's actions against Chechen "militants". And who knows, perhaps the chechns are engaged in an Intifadah to achieve self-determination. So perhaps I should save my tears for the next stroy.

2. A second AP story informs:
Car Bomb Kills Two in Northern Spain
A car bomb allegedly placed by Basque separatists exploded in northern Spain on Friday, killing two police officers and prompting the prime minister to cancel plans to attend a summit in Russia.
The explosion came five days after Basque local elections that excluded hundreds of pro-independence candidates allegedly linked to ETA's outlawed political wing.
Now, be fair: The Spaniards exclude Basque candidates from the democratic process because of the Basques' political views, and then the Spaniards complain about militant Basques resorting to violence to achieve self-determination? And are not the Spaniards the driving force of the EU against Israel, second only to the Brits? And didn't Solana visit Arafat just the other day? No, Can't find tears for Spain. Besides, the State Department, the author of "show restraint" when it comes to Israel, has already shed all the requisite tears for Spain, as reported in the following excerpt from the foregoing link:
U.S. State Department spokesman Philip Reeker issued a statement condemning the attacks.
"We deplore ETA s long-running, senseless campaign to terrorize and kill innocent people," Reeker said. "We continue to support Spain in its vigorous efforts to combat terrorism and bring the perpetrators of this despicable attack to justice."
So, perhaps I should reserve my tears for the next story.

3. A third story from AP reports:
Americans in Gaza Warned of Kidnap Threats
The U.S. Embassy has received "credible reports" of plans to kidnap U.S. citizens in Gaza, the Embassy announced on its Web site Friday.
Americans in Gaza? Like Rachel Corrie's friends? No, this story, too, merits no tears.