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May 30, 2003

"Who are you going to believe, your eyes or what I tell you?"

Bush used to demand "deeds not words" from the Palestinians. Its time for Israel to demand favourable "deeds not words" from the US.

We must not take comfort in the notion that surely the US won't create another terrorist state, or that the US is our friend and wouldn't hurt us, or Sharon would never have agreed without a secret deal.

The facts will have to stand for the truth and so they should.

The facts are that since the high water mark of Bush's June 24th speech, the US descended rapidly with concession after concession. Even after insisting that Mazen had to have real power and Dahlan total control of security and that they must wage a war on terror, we find that all these red lines have been abandoned by the US. What is left is its determination to create a Palestinian state. Bush is committed.

Even after I was emboldened by Israel's non-acceptance of the Roadmap, I find that this nuance and Israel's 14 red lines are being ignored.

Rather than the Palestinians having to fight terror, for Israel to give concessions, we see a different process, Israel giving concessions for the Pals to fight terror.

I am convinced that a Palestinian state will be based on Israeli concessions rather than Palestinian concessions. And I take no comfort in the words of the Roadmap that "final issues are to be freely negotiated between the parties." I have no doubt that Bush's determination will not permit Israel to refuse a final deal on Palestinian terms.

There is a lot of rhetoric about changes in Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia, but until I see real and permanent changes, I will not take heart.

I see no facts that would give me hope. I believe what I see and not what I hear or hope.