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May 09, 2003

Where's the Outrage?

Jonathan Usher learned that an Orthodox Jewish professor had been speaking out against Israel as part of a university lecture. Here is Jonathan's email to M. Diamond on the subject
"I just heard an orthodox Jewish professor (at his university) rant against the "occupation" of the West Bank etc. The result of his teaching is that one of his students said that it was good to know him as it is good to know that there are some Jews that are good people.

Obviously his teaching has left his impressionable non-Jewish students with the idea that Israel enjoys oppressing the Arabs and that most Jews (except for him and a few others) are bad people.

Needless to say, I was highly upset by his outrageous performance and the resultant anti-Semitism and anti-Israel attitude it encouraged.
And here is his letter to the Toronto Star.
Here is my outrage

Antonia Zerbisias in her article Where is the outrage over activist's death in Thursday's Star asks for outrage over the death of the activist Rachel Corrie. Here is my outrage. Rachel Corrie she was clearly supporting the Palestinians. The same week that she died a young Christian girl was killed in Haifa in a suicide bombing. There was no public outrage over her death, a death in which Rachel Corrie indirectly participated by opposing the destruction of the homes of suicide bombers. That outrages me!

Next, there is no mention in the article that Israel has offered to give the West Bank to Jordan in 1971 and it was refused, and they offered to give Gaza to Egypt and it was refused. Barak offered to give most of the West Bank and Gaza to Arafat just before the intifada, and it was refused. What kind of occupiers do that? If Israel had done what any other reasonable country would do, disperse the Palestinians, it would not have this mess on its hands. It is only because it has acted gently that it now has to defend itself against the suicide bombers of the intifada by taking forceful actions that it obviously doesn't want to do. Criticism of Israel as a cruel occupier outrages me!

Lastly I am outraged that there are universities and professors who teach their students that social activism includes putting themselves in danger for causes that they don't fully understand in the name of "acting against oppression". After their deaths, they consider these student activists as heroes rather than the deluded innocents that they are. They are as deceived as the poor young suicide bombers who give themselves to martyrdom. That outrages me!
Good for you Jonathan.