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May 19, 2003

Wake up, wake up, wake up!

Ostensibly, this article is about the recent "Interfaith Zionist Leadership Summit" in Washington, but in fact, if you read all the way to the end, it is a call to action.

As this site noted some time ago, a meeting was called for Washington, DC, May 17-18, under the heading, "Interfaith Zionist Leadership Summit". Over the last three days I conducted a daily Google search (both news and web) to find info on this conference, its deliberations and decisions. Today, I at long last found one single reference - ONE - in the Washington Times - even NetWorldDaily failed to mention this meeting (I stand to be corrected if there have been other major write-ups). Entitled, "Zionist meeting brands 'road map' as heresy ", the Washington Times article
reads, iter alia:
A Washington conference of Christian and Jewish Zionists yesterday heard attacks on the U.S. "road map" for peace in the Middle East
A three-page statement was adopted, to be delivered to President Bush this week, demanding Palestinian concessions before Israel is asked to return to its pre-1967 borders, which would turn over the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority.

Calling the peace proposal "a Satanic road map," Earl Cox, executive producer and host of Front Page Jerusalem, a radio program, asked, "Do any of you believe [Palestinian leader] Yasser Arafat will embrace traditional family values? There will be a mosque on all the holy sites. How can anyone who's a Jew or a Christian support such a proposal?"

Evangelical Christians, estimated to number about 45 million in America, are a source of support for Israel, though to varying degrees.
The conference, underwritten by a $100,000 grant from Zionist House, a Boston-based Jewish group, appeared to be closely balanced between Christians and Jews, with a slight Jewish majority. Theological differences were put aside by the speakers, such as Jan Willem van de Hoeven, the Dutch-born founder of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.
About three dozen people protested outside the hotel.

"It involves fundamentalist Christians, who tend to be ethnocentric and racist, siding with Jews who practice the same policies in Israel," said David Kirshbaum, representing SUSTAIN (Stop U.S. Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now). A group of ultra-Orthodox Jews, who oppose Israel's existence on theological grounds, stood beside him.
From the attendance, as described in this article, the conference appears to have been a success, which raises the following questions:

1. Why was the coverage such that only the Washington Times made any reference to it (again, I stand to be corrected if I'm wrong)? Where are the PR people whose job it is to get the word out?

2. Why did the organizers fail to solicit the assistance of the scores of pro-Israel bloggers who (like this site) would have been only to happy to give the event publicity?

3. When will pro-Israel bloggers get together to ensure that this type of conference receive the appropriate publicity before, during and after the event takes place?

I have no influence on the media and the organizations to whom (1) and (2) are directed, and I suspect that most readers are in a similar position. But we can do something about blogger co-operation and coordination, and we MUST do so.

As my contribution, I am sending an announcement about this post to the pro-Israel bloggers I have encountered over the years, and I hope that by doing so I will be sowing the first seed for the co-operation about which I speak. I ask that readers who are either bloggers themselves or have contacts with pro-Israel bloggers, e-mail me in order to lay the foundation for such a network of co-ordinated action.

It is no secret that pro-Israel advocates are doing a poor PR job in getting the word out, while the "Palestinians" are excelling in their campaign. We must wake up! We must wake up!