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May 09, 2003

Vote Against the "Road Map" in a Real-time Referendum


    National Issues Requiring Your Vote:

    Cast Your Votes:

    Issue A: Should we reward murderous, Palestinian terrorism with statehood? What's your opinion?

    Issue B: Should we enforce President Bush's pre-conditions of halting Palestinian violence before any Palestinian statehood is considered? What's your opinion?

    Issue C: Should we accept a "Road Map to Arab-Israeli Peace" from a quartet which includes Russia, France and Germany, countries hostile to Israel, who disparage U.S. interests? What's your opinion?

    Issue D: Should we document the responsibility of Iran, Syria, Libya, and Saudi Arabia for supporting Islamic terrorism? What's your opinion?

    Issue E: Should we combat media ignorance and bias in Middle East coverage and virulent Anti-Israel/Anti-Semitic agitations on campus? What's your opinion?

    Issue F: Should we solidify and chart future strategy for the emerging alliance of Jewish and Christian Zionists? What's your opinion?